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Internet Voice of America

Let the truth be seen! Plus girls girls girls!
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The Voice of America served as America's propaganda tool for many decades. Listeners abroad would tune in, lured by jazz and American music, and receive a dollop of propaganda along with.

Now, America is more than ever in need of a propaganda tool to reach out to Islamicists and make them see things in a Western way. The frequent use of the Internet by jihadists shows that these folks understand the web- they already have their own websites, and video. What can America offer to entice web-savvy jihadist viewers into reading a different perspective? What sort of web material is most popular among angry young men?

I propose that the Voice of America open with a question in Arabic, so that the riffraff are excluded. Those who answer correctly are admitted to the site, which features a daily variety of porno (plus viewer-voted favorites!). All images are tailored to jihadist tastes. Simply by filling out a questionaire, viewers will be given a membership password and allowed to view the treats of the VOA Inner Sanctum. All that remains is for the propagandists to figure out what America's message is, and success is insured!

bungston, Oct 30 2006


       Wow, [Bungston], that's about the most difficult to find sarcasm I've ever seen. I was just about to bone you when I finally suspected. Didn't earn my bun though.
zeno, Oct 30 2006

       bun for making me all pissed off at you until I realised you were being sarcastic only at the last minute.   

Custardguts, Oct 30 2006

       //just an excellent album by Cabaret Voltaire//

And a track by Asia.
angel, Oct 31 2006

       Not exactly as I anticipated. When I read the title, I thought that the IVOA would be a weapons project that would aggregate the high-pitched, cuss-riddled banalities of those oiky microphone-sporting pubeless fat boys who play online multiplayer shootin' and killin' games, to be layered and looped until such time as it is maddeningly close to being white noise, snatches of squeaking balls-not-dropped profanity discernible around the screeching pink centre of the soundform, all of which, when played ay high volume from whatever sound deployment mechanism the US military deems appropriate, will have the effect of driving any brown-skinned people in the blast radius to claw off their own ears, not just to escape the physical pain of the sound, but also to escape the evidence it provides of the futility of engaging in a war on a nation (or indeed, a coalition of nations) whose youth is so self-absorbed, so oblivious and so many.
calum, Oct 31 2006

       Thank goodness for the annos; I'm operating in a vague, knackered blur at the moment anyway, so the fact that I couldn't fit the last sentence with the rest of the idea only vaguely caught my interest.   

       [calum], that was pretty blistering. Trick-or-treaters annoying you tonight?
david_scothern, Oct 31 2006

       The Internet IS the Internet Voice of America...
DrCurry, Oct 31 2006

       No substantive comments - but unless someone is providing funds for compensation of injured parties in the event that the project is unsuccessful, it's "ensured", not "insured".
strange606, Nov 01 2006

       I was pondering this concept again in the context of reading that North Korea was "enraged" by South Korean propaganda. I think balloons carrying pornpaganda could be released at sea to drift into North Korea.
bungston, May 27 2010

       Ah 606, thank you for pointing out my error, even if I am 9 years late reading your correction. I neglected to mention the funds for compensation.
bungston, Dec 05 2015

       //All images are tailored to jihadist tastes.//   

       I think goat porn is illegal.
Voice, Dec 06 2015


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