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Ice Floe Vacation

for people who "don't believe in global warming"
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"Spend two weeks on a spacious ice floe in the Arctic Circle this summer in your own sumptuously furnished igloo..."

There, now *that*s taken care of...

FlyingToaster, Nov 03 2009


       I'd go for this. It'll be good practice for the coming ice-age.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2009

       funny to find you two together like that. ya know, in bed, so to speak.
WcW, Nov 04 2009

       Most of it comes out of clowns like Sarah Palin, who can be excused because she is so moronic, (Polar bears becoming brown!) but Exxon/Mobil have no excuse for the lies they have told and the disinformation they have funded.
xenzag, Nov 04 2009

       //you're being exposed to the wrong information, then. Probably not your fault, there's a considerable amount of misinformation and propaganda floating around on that topic, resulting in a lot of people thinking the wrong thing, but thinking they're right because a lot of other people think it too.//   

       The funny thing is, that's a phrase I can see myself using, too.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2009

       //Exxon/Mobil have no excuse for the lies they have told and the disinformation they have funded//   

       Have you seen their latest TV ad campaign? They seem to have performed a sharp about turn from "Climate Change is a Myth" to "Taking on the World's Toughest Energy Challenges" complete with organic-y type imagery. Sadly, all our campaigning for BoycottEsso seems to have resulted only in changing their ads. Oh well, one step at a time.
wagster, Nov 04 2009

       One of my anti-Esso logos was used by Greenpeace (adjusts halo)
xenzag, Nov 04 2009

       //not our fault// Industrialization has increased the Earth's CO2 levels (air/water) by 50pct. [edit 2015: almost doubled]   

       //natural climate changes// but what if you don't *want* worldwide ecosystem-destroying climate changes?   

       //Exxon// is hardly losing if somebody R&D's a viable method of deconstructing HC's into C and H. § x1
FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2009

       //what if you don't *want* worldwide ecosystem-destroying climate changes? //   

       What if the current global cooling turns out to be a nice age?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2009

       No - she said they would adapt to living on land. What an idiot.
xenzag, Nov 04 2009

       I wonder if the Bangladeshis will adapt to living underwater as quickly as the polar bears will adapt to living on land?
wagster, Nov 04 2009

       // the interbreeding that was recently discovered. //   

       Sarah Palin interbreeds with bears ?
8th of 7, Nov 04 2009

       Cut out all climate-change-is-a-myth messages which have a financial link to a vested interest in the energy industry and the whole wall of information becomes almost entirely silent. On the other side, cut out all those with a financial interest in stopping climate change, and you lose only about 10% of the signal. What does that tell you? Compare and contrast with the smoking-dangers-are-a-myth messages of not-so-long-ago...
vincevincevince, Nov 05 2009

       [vincevincevince] You clearly do not live in Bangladesh, (population 150 million) which is just one country that will experience even more severe flooding.
xenzag, Nov 05 2009

       Pssst! [xen]! He's on our side!
wagster, Nov 05 2009

       It just occurred to me that in a few decades there could be nudist cruises above the Arctic circle.   

       Not all year long (or at least not the same passenger list two winters in a row), but during the summer, sea ice having long melted away, there's 24 hours a day insolation.
FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2018


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