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Japan geek tour

Anime geek tour of Japan
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This idea from Big Daikon's Johira.

Get a bunch of anime fanboys over here (to Japan)in a low-cost hotel, take them to a few animation or video game studios with an English speaking tour-guide. Afterwards take them to a karaoke parlor with some paid local female college students (who're studying English) and let the girls entertain the nerds- it would be like working in a hostess bar except that the customers could easily be too young to drink and they'll be way too awkward and nerdy to try groping the girls, and if they tried they would expect the girl to smack them with a mallet or something.

Give them some freebie kitch of their favorite characters that costs about 500Y to make but is LIMITED EDITION so they'll love it and charge them a few thou for the trip.

Voice, Dec 29 2005


       So this is basically an anime convention, like the star trek ones but smaller and without a chance of meeting the cast? Sounds shite but I'll not bun it as I don't like anime anyway.
stilgar, Dec 29 2005

       I'd like a tour of Japan just to see / use all of those geeky inventions they don't have anyplace else.
RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2005

       If it gets me some quality time devoid of anime fans, ship them all over.
moPuddin, Dec 30 2005

       I leave for Japan in 8 hours.. Yippie! No need to do the groping. Just be cool, wait, and the groping will come to you.
TIB, Dec 30 2005

       How did it go, TIB?
Voice, Jun 27 2007

       [Voice]: A little bit of this and a little bit of that, if memory serves, but I wouldn't trust my memory.
TIB, Oct 19 2011


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