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Ice Likeness

Ice Faces Shaped like your Face
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Ice Trays that form the ice into a 3d representation of your face.

You get a 3d scan of your face and an ice tray is custom produced for you.

Subliminal method of seducing woman/men, slip your ice faces into their drink, when they look into their glass they get the idea of your face stuck in their head and then when they see you in real life they are caused to make extended eye contact because their brain is matching.

there is an added benefit here, you might get to watch the potential partner of your dreams slide their tongue and lips all over an ice likeness of you, this could be a unique experience.

I picture people who are quite full of themselves making certain that their ice likeness is the only available ice at some social events

vfrackis, Apr 21 2009


       And if you ever start to melt then people will still recognize you!
daseva, Apr 21 2009

       thanks — rcarty
vfrackis, Apr 21 2009

       These hot days give me ice likeness.
bungston, Apr 21 2009

       This is brilliant and bakeable. (Constraining self from all the "cool" comments.)   

       FOR KIDS!!! MAKE IT FOR KIDS!!!   

       I want stock in your product.
blissmiss, Apr 21 2009

       + you got me at //subliminal method of seducing woman / men//
but sp: women!
xandram, Apr 22 2009

       Ahem, someone slipping "special" ice into the drink of a potential romantic interest could find themselves in a whole world of trouble.
Aristotle, Apr 22 2009


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