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In your freezer section
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I have seen too many parents let their kids suck on these things when they come from the roofs of ordiary houses. Yech. This would be an easy to create popular product.

Also imagine a large swizzle stick that will cool down your drink as well as stirring it.

sartep, Jun 02 2004


       I wouldn't buy one. But it's an interesting idea, and I bet somebody would.
5th Earth, Jun 02 2004

       Coming next: flavored icicles. And we did the cooling swizzle stick before, although it appears to be fair game as it's gone now.   

       (Don't you have an ice cube maker in your fridge?)
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       // Don't you have an ice cube maker in your fridge?//

We used to let the kids suck on the ice cubes that formed on the roof. We found they were nutritious, so we stopped feeding them until spring. And we saved money on shoes, because they didn’t grow as much.
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       Well, I guess thats actually better.   

       Yes I do have an ice cube maker but people still buy bottled water despite having sinks.
sartep, Jun 02 2004

       That's because the tap water is non-kosher (according to the New York Times and rabbinical authorities).
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       What's wrong with roof water? I mean kids eat bugs, too. They eat a lot of things they shouldn't. It's good for them. Builds strong bodies.
k_sra, Jun 02 2004

       I imagine roof water is kosher. (Unless there are microscopic crustaceans living up there, too.)
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       Or it's raining cats and hogs.
FarmerJohn, Jun 02 2004

       //That's because the tap water is non- kosher//   

       I thought it was because most tap water sucked in general.
sartep, Jun 02 2004

       [sartep] sounds like you need a pkg. of disposable Filter cups.   

       /hangs head and mumbles/Don't bother looking for it, i deleted it. /mumbles/
dentworth, Jun 02 2004

       I'm sorry.
sartep, Jun 02 2004


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