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Idea Inspiration Type Idioms

Not necessarily an official HB nomenclature, but useful for enhanced HB fun
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It is often interesting to identify the initial inspiration source for a new HB idea. There are some obvious ones, and others which are a bit more obscure. We sometimes speak of these inspiration sources in the annotations, but I think it would be very HB of us to methodize the nomenclature of the various types of inspiration that exist. For instance:

Titular Concatenation (TC)
- combing the titles of two or more existing ideas

Extreme Frustration (XF)
- inspired by the need to make something annoying stop

WIBNI to Reality Extension (WRX)
- the possible realization of a long-standing WIBNI

Idiotic Pun, Clever Pun, Tiresome Pun (IP, CP, TP)
- (self-explanatory)

Manifest Genius (MG)
- the (almost divine) flash of inspiration that makes us all slap our heads

Too Many Beers (TMB)
- a patently absurd idea that had to have occurred to the creator after a particularly saturnalian binge

Idea gratia Ideatis (IGI)
- (someone fix my wanting Latin, please...) obviously posted just for the sole purpose of posting an idea (such as this idea)

Ad Absurdum (AA)
- some method or notion taken to its logical extreme and introduced in reality

Science Takes a Holiday (STH)
- a dimwit extends a half-learned scientific notion to fantastic length and solves the world's problems

Stupid Idea Rework (SIR)
- a bad idea inspires a real solution to the same problem

Stupid Idea Extension (SIE)
- a bad idea just gets worse

Of course there are many more. We could simply post the associated abbreviation and be done with it. This is similar of course to the use of terms like WIBNI and the infamous WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR (or whatever that was...), but this is more directly focused on what mode of inspiration led the person to think of it, good or bad, whereas those HB terms are specifically for reasons for deserving an m - f - d.

globaltourniquet, Apr 19 2002

WIBNI Enlightenment for {pathetic] http://www.halfbake...orial/help.html#mfd
The compleat education on WIBNI. [bristolz, Apr 22 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       (C & B) Confused and Bewildered. posted by the person who stumbles onto the halfbakery and mistakes it for something else entirely.
po, Apr 19 2002

       D & C: Posted by a person who fails to distinguish between a gynaecological procedure and a Yardbirds song.
angel, Apr 19 2002

       Many types of questions probably arise as each reader scans an idea and considers what, if any, outcomes would accrue were it implemented today. ¯globaltourniquet: if you give as much credence to every idea you read as you had to in producing this suggestion, you are the essence of a considerate person and I salute you in good faith. To be honest--I hate idioms, but nobody's perfect ;)   

       Maybe jutta's filtering layer could be adjusted to allow a scripted window for voting an idea that answers these implied questions of a voter: "Is this an offshoot of an existing HB idea" "Is this a rant" "Is this naive" "Is this too stupid for a Y or an N" … u.s.w. The sum of the + and the - yields bones or a croissant.
reensure, Apr 19 2002

       I strongly favor a "good for laughs" idea origination. However, I'm experiencing XF over the overuse of acronyms (hah). Can anyone expand what WIBNI means? Frankly, the best application of STupid Idea Extension is usually a Good-for-laughs kind of idea. Take for example the time somebody said we should form a Mars-base out of a crater... to which I responded "Just have an genetically modified cow of the 100-stories-tall variety make a cow pie... then inflate it and freeze it.... etc."
pathetic, Apr 22 2002

       There's also the standard "newbie halfbakery adjustment" idea.
waugsqueke, Apr 22 2002

       unabubba's favorite --   

       Poking Fun at Recent Stupid Idea (PFRSI)
globaltourniquet, Apr 22 2002


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