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List of HB approved numeric acronyms

Why should words get all the fun? What about numbers?
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We're all familiar with acronyms: HB, TLA, FIIK, but what about abbreviating numbers?

I humbly submit the following: I propose the following simple scheme for acronums:
0 is represented as Z when the value is zero, but Z, when it appears elsewhere in a numeral.
By the same token, 1 is represented as O or o, and 2 by t or T, 8 by e and E, 9 by n & N.

3, having the same acronum as 2, (i.e. t or T) must become s and S, and then following this logic, 10 becomes u and U.

In the same way 7, clashes with 3, (i.e. s and S clash with 3's representation) and so must become u and U. Similaly, 4 and 5 become f & F and g & G.

Inspired by [VJW] List of HB approved acronyms I propose the system is called Acronums or to use it's proper name Confusing Numbers, as the names Complex and Irrational numbers has already been taken.

Thus the shortened acronum for my mobile phone number (obfuscated) is +FF(z)#*£GNTZE&F

I yield myself the remainder of the time.

Dub, Feb 27 2011

List of HB approved acronyms List_20of_20HB_20approved_20acronyms
[Dub, Feb 27 2011]


       This could get confusing. (classic understatement ;-)
blissmiss, Feb 27 2011

       //How about abbreviating numbers?//   

       Yes, excellent work.
Ling, Feb 27 2011

       4king brilliant 0dea!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2011

       You missed out 6, which must be x or X. It would be sensible though to make use of the upper case and lower case letters. I propose that the upper case letters are the squares of the lower case - so 5 is g and 25 is G - so a number like 1649 could be written as "oxfn", or "oEn", or just "FU".
hippo, Feb 27 2011

       [Ling], [MaxwellBuchanan] - I'm humbled! Praise indeed, for I am merely standing on the shoulders of other shoulder-standees.   

       [hippo], deliberately so - I left it as an exercise for the reader. (I particularly like the nod to history this scheme has, too.)
Oh, and I like the idea of Squares – Both succinct and elegant.

       But, dear reader, I'm upset. Upset that there isn't a "(+o)" next to the title. No, not that I expected more votes, but simply that the idea would be swiftly taken-up and implemented in the HB - that paragon of trend-setting standards. I can only think that Jutta must be busy working on something very important.
Dub, Feb 27 2011

       Paragon ... like one of those giant scaly fire-breathing lizards ?
8th of 7, Feb 27 2011

       That's right, one of those, only crossed with an oft-colourful mimicing avian.
Dub, Feb 27 2011


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