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Idea Versioning

Allow others to change your ideas to improve them over time
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Not only the original authors should be able to modify their ideas. Anyone should be allowed to create a new copy of a idea with changes to the original version (including changes to the title). By default, this new version would be added to the existing one as a "Revision Proposal". The original author could replace his idea with the revised version. It would then automatically get a new version number (Revision 2, Revision 3..).

This would be the simple version. Some possible additions:

- Instead of approving each suggested change, users could decide to allow certain or all other users to modify certain or all or all of their ideas without further confirmation. This way, it would be possible to form networks of trust that work on improving a single idea. The original proponent should always have the ability to go back a revision and "ban" some or all people from modifying his ideas. The discarded revision would go back to the list of "Proposed Revisions".

- Differences between revisions could be highlighted with colors. In fact, the more "history tools" there would be to compare revisions, the better. Perhaps even a short description should be required for each revision which could be used to auto-generate a changelog.

- Proponents of revisions could move their revision out of proposal list into its own individual page. This page would however not be listed in the main list (otherwise we would have lots of "alternative version" links), instead it would only be linked to from the idea itself, as a sub-folder. Other than that, it would work just like any other individual idea and could be voted for and against, annotated etc.

erik, Jul 09 2000

WebDAV http://www.webdav.org
Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning [jutta, Jul 09 2000]

Founding Proposal for the Wild Idea Preserve http://www.wildideas.org/project1.htm
Talk to these people. They're much more structure-oriented than me. [jutta, Jul 09 2000]


       This is too complex for both my tastes and what the halfbakery is trying to do, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff out there. (See links.)
jutta, Jul 09 2000

       How about a "Based on" link option for new ideas? To allow authors of new ideas to state that their idea was "influenced by" or is "based on" a certain other idea. This addition would allow inbound and outbound relation links to be extracted and rendered for each idea. Note how I'd have liked to write this idea up as a new idea that was linked to (based on) Erik's original "Idea Versioning" idea. :-)
mar, Jul 19 2000

       Formal idea-linking occurred to me too, but I think that just using HTML links to other ideas does the job and keeps it simple for users that don't care about that kind of stuff.
syost, Jul 21 2000


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