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Invention Misspeller

type your idea into the box, press enter. A fortunate mispell catapults you to fame
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inspired by Vintage Package Moth

I wrote the code today...here are some readouts using some inventions I never posted:

Dear Abby for men = Deer Abbey for women
Economic Policy Patents = Economic Policy Panties
ultralight catheter = ultralight cathedral

fishboner, Apr 30 2009


       Sorry, doesn't work if you meant to misspell it. Have a bon.
phundug, May 01 2009

       phundug, I have mixed feelings about verbally gutting you after laughing hysterically at your "aoln" invention, and bunning it, so I will not..
fishboner, May 01 2009

       no real need for a catapult with this one...
xandram, May 01 2009

       Aww, now I feel guilty...
phundug, May 01 2009

       "wanna benner innernet?" lmao. I got everyone in the house saying it yesterday...I'm crying.
fishboner, May 01 2009

       Miss Pellers invention?   


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