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Improbablity Monitoring

Do a forecast for improbablity on TV
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Set up dice in cages to be automatically roled and monitored by computers all over the planet. Allow people to call in and register time and location with a computer whenever weird stuff happens. Plot and track whenver improbable (e.g. All 6s coming up on the dice for an improbable run) or subjectivly weird stuff happens in one place and track this across the planet like the weather. We could even let people register good luck/bad luck and track when really good weird stuff was happening or when really bad luck was happening in one area. You could then plan to ride or avoid the wave the best you could.
loquatious, Sep 03 2004


       If there is such a thing as luck, then I'd hope it would be a personal thing, and not something that could be measured by official 'Luck Listening Stations'
zen_tom, Sep 03 2004


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