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Identify Sockets and Devices

Don't keep users of electricity in the dark
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These days there should not be a problem to identify individual sockets and bulbs using some 64-bit unique ID. The idea is to have the power company keep track of these numbers. The monthly bill would look like this:

socket: 1ABB2FE0 device: 123FCD1A used 0.210 kWh this month

socket: 1CF378BA device: 1A46FGF3 used 0.380 kWh this month

That way end users can check if any lights were on way too long (socket) or of the manufacturer of a bulb or other device may have cheated (device).

Privacy is still guaranteed because only the user knows which device is which.

kbecker, Feb 07 2004

AMR http://www.wmeco.co...ng/meter/genamr.asp
Automatic Meter Reading, could be used with this. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Broadband over power lines http://www.wired.co...,1282,57605,00.html
Go straight to the source [Mr Burns, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Good thing some devices run on batteries+   

       This is brilliant.
theircompetitor, Feb 07 2004

       It might be more practical to have resettable readouts on each outlet.....
normzone, Feb 07 2004

       Socket: [kbecker] device: brain, returned 1000 kWh for credit this month!
Nice post [+]
1st2know, Feb 08 2004

       The measurement part of the meters would be quite cheap (just a $.05 chip and a wire that coils around the power line). Communicating the data may be the expensive part. There are devices that communicate data over power lines - perhaps that's a good way to set it up.   

       [jutta] //It's pretty easy to tell from the use patterns which device is which// This assumes you have a way to measure the electric demand at your meter on a continuous basis. Even if this is the case, I disagree with the ease of distinction. The amount of power my stereo is eating up when left on will be difficult to distinguish from the amount of power eaten up by wall warts, unless I go around and unplug them one at a time.
Worldgineer, Feb 12 2004

       This seems mostly doable with off the shelf technology. X-10 (along with various other technologies like "put a phone or network jack anywhere you have an outlet) already communicates over the electrical wiring. A plug in module that has an inductive ammeter as [World] mentions could easily transmit the data to a computery type box connected anywhere in the building to a power line. This could act as the final collecting point before the data goes on to the power company. Getting the information to the electrical service provider might be a bit tricky. How are those "internet over power line" services working out?
half, Feb 12 2004

       If the //final collecting point// is the power meter, it should be trivial to collect the data from there. Wireless data collection is already quite common in power meters, allowing the person who reads meters to do it from their truck, avoiding trampling on roses and being bit by dogs.
Worldgineer, Feb 12 2004

       beware the socket which contains 5 powerboards, piggy-backed off one another, connected to a variety of high-power appliances.
reap, Feb 12 2004

       //there's no reason the power company should be involved at all// You are correct. I had been thinking about just a little tag that responds to a poll from the power company as long as the device is on. With a meter right at the socket that the end user can read directly the power company is not needed any more.
kbecker, Feb 12 2004

       Yes, great idea, but should be a small adapter at the outlet, that way the consumer would only have to pay for monitoring on the sockets they are concerned about.   

       And you wouldn't have to re-wire anything.   

changokun, Feb 14 2004

       great idea but it wont happen- electric companies dont want their customers figuring out how they can lower their bills
gusbot6000, Feb 15 2004


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