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Locking mains Plug

BS1363 plug with locking earth pin
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Here's my idea:

Create a plug which has an adapted earth pin.

The earth pin has some sort of "locking" mechanism built into it. The locking earth pin could be only operated with some sort of key.

This would lock the plug to a socket, providing some security for fixed wire devices (e.g. hospital equip, etc.)

GarJE, Sep 03 2008


       [+] This would be very handy in server rooms.
Wrongfellow, Sep 03 2008

       This is an ongoing wish of mine. I'd like PC power plugs that lock into power supplies as well.
phoenix, Sep 04 2008

       would work well with armoured cables too, to prevent the easy slashing of cables...
conskeptical, Sep 04 2008

       What about tripping?
nineteenthly, Sep 04 2008

       It would still retain earth continuity. It would require an insulated, lockable cap.
GarJE, Sep 04 2008

       I meant actual people tripping over immovable cables.
nineteenthly, Sep 04 2008

       I did that once. We dropped acid and climbed to the top of the Luling bridge. The cables looked like some sort of psychedelic spider web.
nomocrow, Sep 04 2008

       Um Gottes willen! S t o l p e r n !
nineteenthly, Sep 04 2008

       I'm guessing the purpose of the idea is not to keep a device powered, since if someone has access to such hospital equipment, they don't need to unplug it to turn it off. Maybe the idea is to prevent the theft of the "earth pin". But if it's to be a security cable against theft of the equipment, use a security cable.
Amos Kito, Sep 04 2008

       I've had experience with computers, and tripping over a screwed in cable on a computer eventually leads to the cable end connected to the computer becoming loose. It does sound like a good idea. There's too many ideas on here lately that are just... too controversial.
EvilPickels, Sep 04 2008


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