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Multiprogram Multioutlet Timer

Powerstrip/timer, with different programs for each outlet.
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The idea is very simple... all plug in timers that I've seen, whether they're 24 hour timers, or 7 day timers, have one single program controlling either one or two outlets. Even when there are two outlets on the timer, they are on and off together.

What if you had a timer that was shaped like a power strip, with a half dozen outlets on it, and a seperate program for each outlet?

You could have a lamp go on and off at one set of times, a fan go on and off at another set of times, etcetera.

Ok, so in practice, it would probably only be useful to have two or three programs, but still, I've never seen such an outlet timer.

goldbb, Aug 19 2009

(?) Weatherproof timer strip http://www.improvem...er-power-strip.html
Here's one [lurch, Aug 19 2009]

(?) Indoor, not all outlets on timer http://www.joshsfro...-outlet-p-1091.html
Here's another [lurch, Aug 19 2009]

(?) Independent programs - two timers http://cgi.ebay.com...QQitemZ310157245424
How much of your searching would you like me to do? [lurch, Aug 20 2009]


       A simple solution: plug multiple timers into one powerstrip. [neutral]
DrWorm, Aug 19 2009

       I saw, about six months ago, exactly the beast you describe. In a pet store, near the aquarium equipment. I'll try googling...   

       <later>OK, found some. They're not what I remember seeing, though, which was four 24-hr dial type analog timers built into a single strip.
lurch, Aug 19 2009

       Lots of outlets on those, but is there any indication that you can have different programs for different outlets?
goldbb, Aug 20 2009

       If you wait 'til I find it, I'll give you an [m-f-d] when I do. It may be more satisfying to do your own searching...
lurch, Aug 20 2009

       There are plenty of pc-based I/O boards that can switch AC mains. One of those and a bit of C or BASIC code (they usually come with driver libraries) and you should have all you need (except, perhaps - if you run under Windoze - reliability).
8th of 7, Aug 20 2009


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