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Idiot Driver Car Tagger

Let the World Know What Kind of Jerk They Are Dealing With
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A device that tags the car of the idiot who perhaps pulled out in front of you and then started driving slower than you were driving. It would be buttons labeled "drives slower than continental drift", "fails to signal", "obviously a retard" and other statements of your choice.
DVineMissEva, Dec 15 2005

They identify themselves, apparently http://www.howmotorwayswork.co.uk/
[Dub, Dec 19 2005]

Platewire http://platewire.com
Platewire allows drivers to report idiot drivers using the persons license plate. [BadMark, Sep 13 2006]



       gotta acknowledge a goddess...   

       sssh - wibni
po, Dec 15 2005

       Edit: Oops, better put that anno back. It went something like this...   

       [po], I think your Sarcs Lock button might be jammed.   

       "What's that sticker say? Get a bit closer, I can't read it from here!"
moomintroll, Dec 15 2005

       moom, re: the sarc button - what can I do to correct that? get off the fecking phone - its illegal don't cha know?
po, Dec 15 2005

       There's nobody home but me - who's gonna know?   

       BTW: I finally weakened and multiplied ;)
moomintroll, Dec 15 2005

       moomintroll, would this mean you joined the multiply community or does it refer to some kind of asexual reproduction?
fridge duck, Dec 15 2005

       don't answer that - its a trick!
po, Dec 15 2005

       Lots of little moomins...
wagster, Dec 15 2005

       Tags the car? What, in this case, does tagging mean?
bristolz, Dec 15 2005

       Foam hand on spring pops out and jabs car. Loudspeaker: "You're it!". Drives away fast.
wagster, Dec 15 2005

       I assume these monikers are DMV issued via insurance data? Clearly, these horrid folks won't display them voluntarily?
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       Nuke'em, I say! Leave an //offending motorist// shaped shaddow on the landscape for all time.
Dub, Dec 16 2005

       What if Foam hand does a lousy bondo job over fresh dints?
Grandpa Rhd, Dec 16 2005

       I'd vote for hanging individual boxes of Tag™ laundry soap on offenders' front doorknobs.
reensure, Dec 16 2005

       This is from an old, old routine done by a comedian who said, "When somebody pulls out in front of us, why don't we just shoot them with plastic darts... that way the cars with the most darts can be pulled over just for being an asshole!"   

       Sorry, I've got to go fishbones because this has been talked about for decades. However, the descriptors are new -- hmmm... OK, Neutral.
zigness, Dec 16 2005

       Actually, I had never heard that comedy routine. I learn something new every day. The idea that I had is much nicer than what I REALLY want to do to these people, which is follow them to wherever they are going and smashing their kneecaps with my tire iron.
DVineMissEva, Dec 16 2005

       I will have to bun this one because if I knew ahead of time that someone was an idiot driver (or thought to be one) then I can avoid that individual before I have to encounter his antics.
Jscotty, Dec 16 2005

       The keen eye will note the idiot driver by the collection of dents and scratches lining his or her car. [-]
Honduras, Dec 19 2005


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