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Skill level license plates

take tests get color coded license plates for additonal privlages on the road
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very simple idea

you get a regular license when you apply

after you have that for a certain time ( like a year or 2) your allowed to take a intermediate driving test

then if you pass you pay a higher fee and you get a new license ( lets say blue) ( the fee is similar to people who want a custom license plate) this would let you drive 10mph over speed limit and use certain lanes

The process would go up and up

The state makes out because of the fee

the public makes out because certain lanes will go faster because only skilled drivers are in them

and the driver makes out because he or she can do more things.

privileges I can think of are drive in the hov with less people increase's in speed over mph listing ( not much ) increasing the mandatory reckless driving charge ( from 80 to 90) special lanes

if your ever caught altering your tags you lose them for a year

if your in an accident no mater who’s at fault you go down a level

if your in an accident that’s your fault you go back to default privileges..

crash893, Oct 03 2003


       I disagree that you should get more "privlages" for driving longer.   

       Also, people would falsify their plates to look like a D- student driver, so everyone would get out of their way.
phundug, Oct 03 2003

       Work on your skill levels regarding communicating in written English, then get back to us.
waugsqueke, Oct 03 2003

       Officer: I'm charging you with mandotry recklease typing. The punishment will be correcting the grammer on all the 10 items or less grocery check-out signs in your home state. Transportation provided by illiterate cab drivers who don't speak English either.
oxen crossing, Oct 03 2003

       John Wyndham had trouble with these, I seem to remember.
po, Oct 03 2003

       They are, in the winter. In warmer months, they're merely fogged.
Freefall, Oct 03 2003

       Another thing controlled by the government, your driving privileges. I can see it now:   

       Government Agent: Okay, you passed your driving test, now you get this license plate. [Gives license plate to you]   

       You: thank you [put hand on plate]   

       GA: however, [pulls plate away] you must not drive over speed limit, at any time...   

       You: WHAT?!   

       GA: ...you may not go in HOV lanes...   

       You: but I car-   

       GA: ...and you have to drive for two years to get more privileges. Bye now! [Shoves plate in your hand and walks away smiling.]   

       [Two years later]   

       You: [over phone] Okay, I drove for two years; can I get a level up?   

       GA: well, first we have to call up a red tape administration, check the police record, wait five years...   

       You: why you [insert under-the-breath swear words]   

       GA: hang on, I have an intern in the office; get back to you in an hour...   

       You: But- [music plays over phone]   

       You get the point.
tustin, Oct 03 2003

       [reensure] Thank you for reminding me of the fogged windows. I've moved much closer to the equator and until reading your anno completely forgot about that. Ah, youth.
Zimmy, Oct 04 2003

       <True story/>Ah, fogged windows. In a preacher's car, no less. Ah, preacher's daughters!</True story>
thumbwax, Oct 04 2003

       daughter(s), thumb?
po, Oct 04 2003

       Why, when I read an idea littered with numerous spelling errors, do I always imagine the author to be a drooling, grinning overweight guy wearing a striped green and purple t-shirt, a pair of shorts and one of those caps with a propellor spinning on top?
sambwiches, Oct 04 2003

       Whose gaping maw displays a solo tooth which is not sufficient to contain the lolling tongue...
waugsqueke, Oct 04 2003

       ...A steady drip of saliva falls from the lower lip, striking the same key over and over, with the monotonous rhythm of a metronome   

       . . . . . . .
sambwiches, Oct 04 2003

       Remember, lots of people may drive a single vehicle so the plate won't work. After all, *I* may be an 'A+' driver, but my friend, whom I lend my car to, may be a D- driver.   

Orion, Oct 04 2003

       This would NOt work everywhere, trust me.
Pericles, Oct 04 2003

       //if your in an acident no mater whos at fault you go down a level//
Punish people for things they haven't done? Way to engender public support for a system, [crash]
calum, Oct 05 2003

       Hmm... crash893 has made the dangerous move of threatening the Deity(ies)-Given right to maneuvre 2 tons of deadly steel at 70 mph in a public space. This is, of course, an insult second only to challenging the right of 14-year olds to take concealed handguns to school.   

       But, trolling aside, many of the more civilized countries in the world operate a graduated licence scheme. Here in NZ we have a 6 month "Learner" period, where you must be supervised while driving.   

       Then follows a two year "Restricted Period", where you have essentially a zero breath alcohol limit, and you may not drive after 10pm. There may be passenger carrying limits too, I can't recall.   

       Undertaking courses in defensive driving can reduce the time period, or at least it could when I learned to drive. So, the concept is fairly well-baked in the broader sense.
the_jxc, Oct 05 2003

       undertaking is frowned on - possibly illegal.
po, Oct 05 2003

       She made you say 'underwear-taking.' : )
k_sra, Oct 07 2003

       to tustin   

       assumeing usa   

       your system is already controled by the goverment and redtape thats why it takes 4 hour to get drivers records   

       the entire idea is you pay for the privlages that you dont need if you cant pay theres no probem you just go back to you base privlages
crash893, Aug 23 2004

       sp: assuming, controlled, government, red tape, that's, hours, privileges, don't, can't, there's, your.
david_scothern, Aug 24 2004

       <<Why, when I read an idea littered with numerous spelling errors, do I always imagine the author to be a drooling, grinning overweight guy wearing a striped green and purple t-shirt, a pair of shorts and one of those caps with a propellor spinning on top?>>   

       Because you're a bigoted snob?
ivanhoe, Aug 24 2004

       I'm not sure about the concept of more privileges... it'd get abused something chronic. After an accident, the newly-downgraded driver would continue to use HOV lanes, drive fast etc, because "the accident wasn't my fault, I'm a skilful driver." However, visually indicating that a driver is well trained, perhaps by different coloured license plates for drivers who have passed more tests, would be a good incentive to improve one's skills.
david_scothern, Aug 25 2004


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