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Ill-Kill Cubicle Manifold

Improve office worker health and productivity.
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I noticed today that the metal part on top of my cubicle wall is actually hollow, and forms a networked tunnel system connecting all the cubicles in my row. So my idea is to make the tunnel system airtight, then perforate it. At the end of each cubicle row would be an air compressor sucking air through the manifold and blowing it outside the building. My thought is that it will keep sickly breath from crossing over the tops of the cubicles and spreading infection, while also circulating the air in each cubicle better and preventing individuals from stewing in their own sickly breath.
21 Quest, Dec 02 2009


       I wish... the tunnels are too small, though. Either that or I'm too fat.
21 Quest, Dec 02 2009

       A bun for you, sir!

       I humbly suggest an improvement:

       Provide a number of conduits through those partition tunnels. On the 'OUT' conduits go sickly breaths and lunch crumbs. On the 'IN' conduits come cold water, hot coffee and lashings of ginger redbull.
not_only_but_also, Dec 03 2009

       I am liking your improvement, good Baker. [+] for your anno.
21 Quest, Dec 03 2009

       This is a very good idea. Retrofitting these cubicles to a buildings existing system might not be so pretty though.   

       I've no doubt that it'll take some clever engineering, but I played a lot of puzzle games when I was a kid, and I think I just may be the right Baker for the job.
21 Quest, Dec 03 2009

       I was just thinking... if it was tuned just right, it could produce nice, soothing flute melodies. Work would be easier to deal with, I think, with the sounds of Für Elise and The Magic Flute playing softly in the background. On fun days, they could play cartoon music. Add a reed to the end, and you could even simulate oboes, clarinets, and bassoons.
21 Quest, Dec 04 2009


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