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Sharpened staples fasten fast.
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Whilst those of a nervous disposition will know the agony of inadvertently stapling one's thumb during a boring meeting (and the further torture of removing the staple whilst trying to keep a straight face), most staples fail to make it through much more than three sheets of paper. Instead they will curl up, get stuck in the stapler, and generally add to the misery of the working day.

Closer examination of the average staple shows it to have flattened points and I propose that with a little engineering, a nicely sharpened staple could be developed that would glide through even the thickest of reports in a trice. No more unnecessary searching the office for an industrial-sized stapler.

Sharpened staples (Sharples, perhaps) may even expand the current range of stapleable (sp?) materials. I'm sure my colleagues will be amused to see their plastic container full of lunchtime chilli has been stapled to their intray.

Checkers, Jan 06 2005

Swingline makes chiselpoint staples http://www.swinglin...?cat=15&p=S7079382A
Unfortunate - I like the wording of your idea. [shapu, Jan 06 2005]


       So, basically you're proposing to use a staple gun staple in a stapler with an anvil?
shapu, Jan 06 2005

       I invision, tiny nano pencil like sharpeners and laborious hours doing just that.
skinflaps, Jan 06 2005

       Checkers, some staples go through flesh. Stomach staples, for example. Something to think of for New Year, perhaps?
Jonkin, Jan 06 2005

       would sharples be suitable for rebuilding a food product? for example, when a decent cheddar is annoyingly broken in two, when in transit from the cheeseshop.
Qwol, Jan 06 2005

       nought to do with Ena then. +1
po, Aug 19 2005

       [po] sp. "nowt"
coprocephalous, Aug 19 2005

       I wouldn't know that!
po, Aug 19 2005


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