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Mini Water Cooler

Why wait until you are thirsty to get the gossip?
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So, your coworker comes to your cubicle with the most recent gossip.. let's face it.. we don't want to wait until we are thirsty to get the dish. You can whip out your mini water cooler and put it on the desk, and you are all set!

Or, if you are opposed to gossip, you can use it as a deterrent to those nasties that just want to stir things up! Before they can get started, just take it out - they might get the point.

Lily-Jar Nemesis, Dec 03 2008

http://www.specorbu...83999dfeb241298f9cf [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 03 2008]


       i'd like one anyway for the water.
penguin_tummy, Dec 03 2008

       USB powered, Shirley?
neelandan, Dec 03 2008

       Perhaps power the cooler's compressor with a stirling engine?
shapu, Dec 03 2008

       I would think that not having water at my desk will give me an excuse to walk away from the annoying gossiper.
Jscotty, Dec 05 2008

       Why don't we just decide on a badge of shame for all chronic gossips.
Spacecoyote, Dec 06 2008


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