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Illegal immigration from Mexico

Safe zones just inside Mexico.
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Here's the solution to a big part of the illegal alien problem (beyond Obama being the chief stumbling block to any problem you can imagine). I've been inspired by all the talk about solutions for the Syrian refugees.

The U.S. Army will "free" some "safe" zones on the Mexican side of the border and place the illegals there so they'll be "safe" from whatever problems ailed them in Mexico. The Saudis can fly in some of the three million or so semi-permanent Haj tents they have for shelter. There can be a no-fly zone, camp newspaper and everything, which ought to keep those pesky news helicopters away. When the situation in Mexico improves, they can go forth and prosper.

Actually, I suspect Mexico City will be secretly pleased the way Assad is when he doesn't have to support his former countrymen he's forced to emigrate everywhere but home.

daddyvortex, Nov 20 2015

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