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One-shot vapes

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Vapes are great if, for whatever reason, you want to quit smoking. They come closer than anything else to replacing cigarettes, but they are not perfect.

Smoking is more about psychology than nicotine or flavour, and vapes fail in one fundamental way. If you stop for a cigarette, it is a defined interval in time: you light it, enjoy it for five minutes, and then it's over. Vapes, however, can be used for as much or as little time as you wish. The whole ritual of "stopping for a cigarette" is lost.


I propose single-shot vapes. The pack is about the same size as a regular pack of cigarettes, and contains (for instance) twenty vapes. Each vape is about the size of a regular cigarette, and contains enough vape liquid for several uses. However, its battery (or even supercapacitor) is pathetically small, and will last only 20 or 30 drags.

When you're done, you put the vape back into the box, where it is recharged from a larger battery (which itself can be recharged from a USB port). After charging, that vape can be used again, and so on until it runs out of liquid, which can also be refilled.

Thus, you have something more like a regular pack of cigarettes. If you take a "smoke break", its duration is determined by the battery life of the vape. If you want a longer break, of course, you just move on to the next vape in the pack. You can even "chain vape" if you wish, recharging each vape in rotation.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2019


       Or you could realise that vaping is almost as bad for you as cigarette smoking, and not do either...
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 02 2019

       You could swap out some of the vapes with real cigarrettes, Ideally the new self-lighting ones (soon to be idea'd by a genius 'baker).
pocmloc, Dec 02 2019

       //vaping is almost as bad for you as cigarette smoking// No, seriously, it's not. There isn't the length of data that there is for tobacco, but no sane person (and that includes no cardiologist and no pulmonologist) would say that vaping is nearly as hazardous as cigarettes. In fact nicotine per se is neuroprotective and reduces the likelihood of several neurological diseases; so, there's a decent chance that vaping will turn out to be net-neutral or net-beneficial overall.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2019

       I heard but didn't really listen to a thing on CBC Radio yesterday about how Health Canada had tried to make vaping really accessible a couple of years ago to help people quit smoking, but was now trying to backtrack because it actually has a very low success rate as a smoking cessation method, and also because they hadn't anticipated the rise of teen vaping. They also said on this program that Big Tobacco had tried to create similar vaping products in the past, but "needed [somebody else] to show them how"—I was thinking vaping actually got big when it did due to the availability of lithium–ion batteries (the same applying to big-screen smartphones, electric cars, drones, powerful laptop computers, and good cordless tools, among other things). Anyway, I'd still say vaping of tobacco- or cannabis-based stuff is almost certainly at least way less bad for one's health than smoking the corresponding plant matter, though I'll wait for more data on exactly how harmful or not it is, and refrain from either mode of consumption of either drug for the foreseeable future.
notexactly, Dec 04 2019

       I think I'd rather risk a few particulates than a load of white cells hungry to chew something that isn't there.   

       This is still going to be cheaper than a packet of cigarettes.
wjt, Dec 04 2019

       If you worked all day in a deep hole in the ground, you'd probably prefer something that tasted of strawberry to cover up the coal dust. It gets everywhere, you know...
8th of 7, Dec 06 2019


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