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Image search via Metadata

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Yeh, I know websearch via metadata wasn't that successful. But I don't see that be the case with imagesearch.

Especially images which are worthwhile. May be only first 5 words are good for the metadata.

I mean there are projects like espgame.org and such but according to pundits that's not going to improve the search much.

Metadata would help as potential images will be more targeted. Also there could be checksum for the image and when associated with multiple metadata at different places, it will immidiately be known as scam.

artist, Nov 12 2003


       Not entirely sure what your purpose is. Google, for example, already offers a very effective image search; I'm not sure if it doesn't use metadata.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       I don't understand what the invention is. The poster makes reference to an ongoing discussion of whether or not metadata will help, so I don't think "artist" claims to have invented using metadata to improve search results.
jutta, Oct 13 2006


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