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inflatable 3D display

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A balloon is formed from a white tranlsucent stretchy membrane whose elasticity is formulated to be particularly sensitive to temperature.

The base of the balloon contains retractable projector heads containing coloured LED projectors as well as infra-red lasers.

The balloon is inflated with super-cooled gas, to chill the membrane. The IR laser selectively heats areas that are to bulge and avoids areas that are to contract.

The colour projector adds coloured features to the surface,

Viola! An accurate life-sized* 3D representation of any** object, in real time!

*currently for objects which are between 5 and 20cm tall in real life

**any object which is vaguely blob-shaped.

pocmloc, Dec 12 2020

Rover https://en.wikipedi...over_(The_Prisoner)
Go get 'em, boy ... [8th of 7, Dec 12 2020]


       // any object which is vaguely blob-shaped. //   

       Great for political broadcasts, then ...   

       It's not true 3-D; it's stereoscopic. But an interesting idea nonetheless.   

       What does the camera look like ... ? <link>
8th of 7, Dec 12 2020

       Nice, Chemistry lectures?   

       Some tiny nitinol coiled threads could give some fine detailing.
wjt, Dec 12 2020


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