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That's Texas Pete! No, wait...
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For those of the office procrastination persuasion who happen to have seen their fair share of soaps/films/cartoons/etc.

namethebaddy.com posts up a picture of a random (and obscure) "baddy" from a show/film that has aired somewhere around the globe. No other clues are given.

Contestants must find the name of the "baddy", by use of any means necessary (google, printing, photocopying & nailing to trees... whatever). The reward starts at $100 and increases by $25 per day until a correct answer is received.

Additional: After a while a table of the most/least well known "baddies" can be put together.

Also, a table of "Baddy Hunters" (those sad...urh... dedicated individuals who've identified the most "baddies") can also be arranged.

Five_Swords, Aug 11 2006


       Oh. Read this as namethedaddy.com..
DrCurry, Aug 11 2006

       Who pays for this?
jellydoughnut, Aug 11 2006

       Advertising perhaps. The site could be part of a promotion for a TV channel. I'm sure imdb.com would be interested.
Five_Swords, Aug 13 2006


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