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Imagination Vividification Retreat

Enlarge your reserves of mental imagery
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If your imagination makes connections like the following--

common denominator = Internet
instant access = Internet
go down = Internet


common denominator = Stock market
instant access = Stock market
go down = Stock market


common denominator = Sex
instant access = Sex
go down = Sex

--then you could use a visit to the Imagination Vividification Retreat. At the Retreat you would stay in a reed-thatched hut in the Adirondacks, spear wild boar, follow crystal-clear streams through gypsum caves inhabited by polychromic bats, paint immense canvases using the Pollock/benfrost Tofu Stomp technique, be entertained by the Belly-Dancin' Grandpappys, dine on gidgee skink with witchetty grubs followed by chocolate persimmon flambe...every experience guarranteed to be vivid. No drugs used nor recommended. There's more to the earthly whirl than the Internet, the stock market, and sex--here's one place to find it.

Dog Ed, Aug 14 2001

"why boredom is good for your creativity" http://99u.com/arti...for-your-creativity
apparently, the opposite experience has the effect you want [technobadger, Jan 14 2014]

The power of shutting down your senses: How to boost your creativity and have a clear mind http://blog.buffera...d-have-a-clear-mind
some people do something fairly extreme to (among other things) boost their creativity [technobadger, Jan 14 2014]


       I'm afraid I don't pass the entrance exam:   

       common denominator = Mathematics
instant access = snack food within reach
go down = Sex

       ...but it sounds like fun. Can you put me down for a couple of weeks later this year?
st3f, Aug 14 2001

       I don't pass either, but that's down to associating common denominator with Sun readers.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       polychromatic bats = halfbakery
Tofu Stomp = halfbakery
gidgee skink = halfbakery
beauxeault, Aug 15 2001

       Rods Tiger: Analysis of your answers indicates you are already more vivid than any of the instructors at the Retreat. Go down and bogey!   

       beauxealt: 2 of 3. Gidgee skinks are actual lizards that live in Oz. They have these fantastic fat tails that look a bit like spiny pinecones.
Dog Ed, Aug 15 2001

       can -this- be a sort of Imagination Vividification Retreat ? by reading stuff here and imagining how it looks?
technobadger, Aug 21 2001

       **applause to RT***.... so how's that working out? Ya know, being clever?
Slayter, Jun 18 2002

       Do Rockinghorse people eat Marshmallow pies there?
Armande Hammer, Jul 25 2003


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