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Social archetype balancing system
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This is an online system that tests you to find out what social archetype you display most often and then trains you in the other social archetypes so that you can be more adaptive and versatile.

The wisdom of the day is don't practice what you are bad at, and that works as long as there aren't diminishing returns. What I have noticed about disadvantaged populations -- kids, nuclear families, people who are cut off from the cultural conversation, is that they display stronger social archetypes. An example is the joker who finds a joke and can't stop joking and the situation becomes abusive. If the jokee isn't independent and will not remove themselves from the situation then you have abuse and these eddies complement each other and turn into whirlpools. Solution: get the rocks out of the way. A system that strengthened people's ability to take on social archetypes that are not customary to them would balance social groups out and allow for greater social cohesion, especially in disadvantaged populations where things get most out of hand and this kind of thing is needed most.

The way to frame reasoning against a defense of archetypal specialization in social groups is basically to point out that the process of developing greater and greater systems is allowed by the process of subsuming all of the archetypical behavior that goes into attaining a certain level of process into one managerial module, and then processing the modules. Can anyone tell that I failed anthropology?

JesusHChrist, Apr 04 2014


       [+] Like most of your ideas, I don't fully understand it, and that's what makes it deeply interesting.   

       Basically: If we want to get something done, play to our strengths.   

       But, If we want to work better together over the long haul, develop those weaknesses.
sophocles, Apr 04 2014

       // Can anyone tell that I failed anthropology? //   

       I assumed you hadn't got that far with it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2014

       [sophocles] Yes and also to recognize that "getting things done" in the big picture, in the small picture is psychosis, and to recognize that it has repercussions, there is always a shadow to getting things done. It is obvious in a nuclear family or in a kindergarten classroom that the joker has a jokee, and that for every member of the court there is someone in the dungeon, that it is a relationship with two sides. But not so clear when you get a concert pianist or CEO.
JesusHChrist, Apr 04 2014

       //"getting things done" in the big picture, in the small picture is psychosis//   

       Wait - is that just a rhetorical chiasmus, or is there some kind of logical nesting going on here?
pertinax, Apr 05 2014

       no, just saying that for every up there is a down, and that in the big picture most of what counts as productivity is tied up in some way with the wheel as a technology which is a bubble or complexification eddy and that it will have a corresponding corrective eddy; and that places of low measured human productivity are where we should be looking for portals to the corresponding eddy.
JesusHChrist, Apr 05 2014

       That's just restating the Platonic theory of Higher Forms, not an original idea.
8th of 7, Apr 05 2014

       I would see Plato as saying there there is another world, and there are two kinds of existance, and I am saying that there is not another world and that everything is connected and has an equal and opposite reaction. But I agree that neither of these are original ideas.
JesusHChrist, Apr 05 2014

       To be fair to [Jesus], neither of the above is the idea here. The idea is something else.   

       If I have understood it correctly, it is, in my opinion, wrong and harmful ... but not unoriginal.
pertinax, Apr 06 2014

       As one of Plato's contemporaries, (Jesus, you came later, or came not at all if we believe you were virgin). Where was I?   

       Oh, Plato had some classic ideas, ESP about forms.   

       I've met too many insane morons who babble nonsense like JHC, but JHC here usually has some really cool insights into the human condition & how it relates to the universe. So, I don't dismiss his teasing ideas. I like to chew on them to break out of my bubble of routine filters. He is one of the few HB contributors that really challenges us at our core .
sophocles, Apr 06 2014

       True, it is sad when the joker is the collateral damage from a joke and society isn't evolved enough for a fix.
wjt, Apr 06 2014

       Joker Be Gone.
JesusHChrist, Apr 06 2014

       but... then who'll discourse on the pompatus of love?   

       The whole thing is bursting with "convenience". Yes it is a comfort to imagine that things are in balance, that some benign mechanism acts behind and underneath. The reality is far more terrifying and hard to grasp, that there is no unifying mechanism, that every aspect of existence that we treasure could be destroyed by a large rock, a small vascular hole, or the idiocy of our own intentions. The granular analysis of human behavior reveals that it is no more sensible and organized than that of bathtub fung and yet the reality of being part of such a thing is so overwhelming to the individual mind that we would rather be blind; fill our eyes with pretty paint, than face it and have our egos torn apart. The Joker, is the fool who comforts us, even with pain, that we may feel that we matter. We can only pretend to hate the human drama, because the entire matter is staged to let us forget about the other thing; the development of society closely paralleled our growing understanding of mortality and our place in the universe. As a species we gained capacity, and to protect ourselves from that capacity we filled it up with our own shit.
WcW, Apr 06 2014

       {pours [WcW] another scotch}
pertinax, Apr 07 2014

       So, this would be an online Meyer's-Briggs test?
RayfordSteele, Apr 07 2014

       ... and a related gamified identity modification module, yes.
JesusHChrist, Apr 07 2014


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