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Online videogame brain damage therapy

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Most people know that people who suffer brain damage do physical therapy to regain strength and function in arms and legs. But what about mental function? Specifically problem solving, spatial reasoning and things of that sort. And harder - therapy for damaged frontal lobes? That is hard to comeby.

I propose that there could be a website in which a person who had suffered brain damage or his caregiver would mark on a brain the approximate location of the damage. Alternatively, one could mark activities which has becomes difficult. The site would then provide exercises and specifically video games which exercised that part of the brain. Higher scores would mean successful exercise, which would hopefully cross over to greater ease in using that area of the brain for nongame activities!

As far as which video games exercsise the frontal lobes, that is left as an exercise for the frontal lobes of the reader. Maybe something like the opposite of Duke Nukem, or JesusHChrist's zen donkeykong concept?

bungston, Feb 08 2013




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