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Immortality on the net

easier than writing a book?
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Achieving immortality, I suppose in a way, could be done by ensuring you have offspring. Writing a book is perhaps a method which might work, or inventing some revolutionary concept, even announcing some amazing discovery. Each may well ensure that our name is not forgotten in a couple of generations.
But for the average person, such acts are perhaps unlikely.
So why not have an internet site that not only allows people to enter blogs, annos, but also is concerned with the recording of that data for as long as possible?
This could be achieved by various archives that actively re-record themselves on different mediums/servers as they become available.
Obviously, the HB and various other sites might partly qualify for this (witness the HB reconstruction from various archives, after the crash).

So be very careful what you write, your great, great, great etc. Grandchild may read it!
Ling, Dec 12 2004

The Long Now Foundation http://www.longnow.org/
Trying to foster long-term thinking; doing a bit of it themselves, in the process. [jutta, Dec 12 2004]

Archive.org http://www.archive.org/
Likely to have a long-term commitment and follow through with it. [jutta, Dec 12 2004]


       Hi Ling, many issues here. Across the Digital Divide to the other side, man wanting to be immortal, unforgotten, wanting to connect.   

       I used the opposite premise on some subs. to Commissions. Imagine what a 1,030 year old man would send back in time from the year 3000 through an internet. What e-mail warnings would he send us?
mensmaximus, Dec 12 2004

       [1,030 year old man ] "Never answer ANY spam, and please don't feed the trolls".
normzone, Dec 12 2004

       Woody Allen summed up my feelings on this: "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
spacemoggy, Dec 12 2004

       [jutta], interesting links. A 10,000 year clock that bongs every century.
The Archive.org site has huge amounts of data, but it is uncertain whether anything I have on the web finally ends up on it and how I can easily check the archive to find out.
I cannot enter data directly.
But they have the right philosophy.
Ling, Dec 13 2004


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