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Implantable gyroscopes

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Whist trying to get one of those damn power ball thingies to work properly, I came up the notion of implantable gyros.

Put simply, gyroscopes are implanted in two roughly hemispherical objects, or for the male crew members, smaller and slightly lower ones.

These are spun up magnetically before the flight, and then in the event of instrument failure, a member of flight crew can be strapped into a gimbal and give some idea of the correct course inclination/declination etc.

Please no "flying by the seat of the pants" jokes.

In the event of the fly by wire going on the fritz, the entire flight crew can be spun up and steer the plane in lieu of the control surfaces.

The spin-off applications for exotic dancers of whatever persuasion are entirely predictable.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 15 2015


       "The power of precession in gyroscopes/Will no longer be the subject of jokes".
nineteenthly, Aug 15 2015


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