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Overhead Central Lockers

Locker which can't be opened in the event of an emergency landing.
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Possibly the first genuinely useful idea I've ever posted on this site.

In the unlikely event that a airplane crashes, people are (entirely understandably) programmed to try to grab their luggage. However this wastes valuable time and risks lives.

My idea is for an aircraft which automatically locks lockers during an emergency landing, ensuring that people focus on saving themselves, rather than saving their belongings.

You're welcome.

Fishrat, Aug 04 2016

Example... http://www.bbc.co.u...s/business-36977903
[Fishrat, Aug 04 2016]


       Good place to store children. [+]
8th of 7, Aug 04 2016

       I was interrogated, irradiated, groped, misled, misidentified and mistreated just to get the luggage on the plane in the first place. If I leave my luggage on the plane, how am I ever going to prove that it wasn't my 2.7 ounces of shampoo that started the fire?
lurch, Aug 04 2016

       Quit whining, serves you right for chancing you life on one of those underspecified death traps.   

       If you want an optimal flying experience, you have to do it yourself. You'll still get interrogated ("What have you done with my sandwiches ?"), irradiated ("Is that a tritium watch ? Aw, cool !"), groped ("It's a legal requirement darling, you have to be searched for concealed weapons"), misled ("It's your turn to pay for the fuel."), misidentified ("No, we're the 172 with the green stripe.") and mistreated ("I'm going to get a coffee, put it back in the hangar and don't forget the drip tray").   

       But you can take as much shampoo as you can carry, the only question likely to arise being "Why did you buy that ? You've hardly got any hair to wash anyway."
8th of 7, Aug 04 2016


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