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“In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will descend from the ceiling…”
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Happy oxygen masks could help keep frightened airline passengers calm and avoid panic in a crisis situation. Looking around one would see a laughing clown, a cute bunny, a large smiley, etc.
FarmerJohn, May 27 2005


       They could also feed in a couple of whippets of N2O to keep things on the bright side...   

       "We're gonna die!! Hahahahaha...!!"
Adze, May 27 2005

       I think that I could make my peace and possibly stay sane during that last couple hundred feet before impact...but not looking at a happy face. No way.
BTW. fishbone mask not mine.

       Perhaps they could pipe cheerful music over the PA as well... Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side...
justaguy, May 27 2005

       [justaguy], don't you mean "always look on the bright si-ide of life" (whistling) repeat...
dentworth, May 27 2005

       Depends. Is this about going in cloud of smoke?
reensure, May 27 2005

       Cheech & Chong masks are available for the smoking section.   

       [dentworth] Just before you draw your terminal... //BOOM//
justaguy, May 27 2005

       I'd like to see a short film where this exactly happens. [+]
daseva, May 27 2005

       And have something similar to the fatal auto-collision crash thing, where it plays your favourite music as you're all going to die (played from the mask), picked from the little controls on the arm rest... Mine would be 'The Ning Nang Nong' from Playschool, I first heard it 13 years ago, when I was two, and I still love it. Bloke who wrote it was a genius. (I have no idea how anyone can't like it)
froglet, May 27 2005

       //I'd like to see a short film where this exactly happens. [+]//   

       That would be ruddy awesome! With the happy music.
finrod, May 27 2005


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