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Implanted Glory Device

Voluntarily cause one's head to explode, at any time.
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Not possible with current technology, but...

A thin slice of extremely-stable plastic explosive is implanted into every citizen's cranial cavity at birth, along with a reliable (impossible to trigger by accident or remotely) activation mechanism. Result: a society populated by level-headed, mentally-stable individuals exclusively...

dsm, Feb 06 2001

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       Your concept is certainly interesting, but how will you deal with the subcuteous plasma matrix?
pnewp, Feb 06 2001

       You can call it "care in the community".   

       I can see this benefiting mostly dry-cleaners and people with a violent, irrational hatred of the mentally ill. What's in it for the rest?
Monkfish, Feb 06 2001

       Glory devices are for hyperactive Japanese raccoons.
centauri, Feb 06 2001

       I read about this in a sci-fi book once, except it was collars for criminals. Really a very interesting plot, although the ending was stupid.
salmon, Feb 07 2001


       Your ideas seem to follow a certain theme:   

       American Kamikaze Corps / Anti-gamete Virus Artificial Masochism / Auditory Sensory Deprivation Device /Elective Neurosurgery /Eye Burner / Implanted Glory Device / 'Machete' Browser / Moorings / Pain Machine / Private World / Serial Guillotine / Silent Machine / Suicide Booths / Uncivilized Shutdown / Universal Refuge /World-Domination Machine   

       What's with the bleak outlook?
iuvare, Feb 08 2001

       We all have our interests...
dsm, Feb 08 2001

       True, and diversity is what makes things interesting...but that's not my point.   

       I just thought ideas were posted so as to make things better. Your solutions strike me as the equivalent of throwing up one's hands and saying "F*ck it, let's just call it quits."
iuvare, Feb 08 2001

       Sounds like perfect fodder for Pinky and the Brain episodes.   

       I'd rather think of the device as a 'Retroactive Abortion Device' . If you go through life pissing people off, then people can vote against you. When you reach a certain score, it's lights out. Kind of a democratic Darwinism.
RobGraham, Feb 09 2001

       r u a happy preson iuvare?
edski, Feb 09 2001

       ...uh, what?...
iuvare, Feb 09 2001

       Given the randomness of violence these days, it pays to be level headed. Before tailgating that person for cutting you off, consider the possibility that they keep a loaded pistol in their car. Before telling someone at the office what a mindless jerk he is, imagine he has an entire rec-room filled with unlicensed automatic weaponry.
centauri, Feb 09 2001


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