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Grenades for Everyone

Every citizen is handed one Hand-Grenade upon attaining majority.
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Self-explanatory. Upon reaching 18 years of age, each citizen receives their very own Hand Grenade. To use anywhere they wish. Without legal retribution. Once in their lifetime.
dsm, Feb 12 2001


       For "Americans" read "humans."
centauri, Feb 12 2001

       I presume you could also use this on under 18 agers without legal retribution as well?
pnewp, Feb 12 2001

       Surely you mean: "Why do Americans seem to think that a sensible way to settle anything is with violence"?
vincebowdren, Feb 13 2001

       Perhaps we would be more polite if we knew that everyone we meet may be able to kill us without retribution, but how could you track usage without tracking everyone on the planet?
Voice, Apr 25 2008


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