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Hating Wall, Public

Get out your frustrations here, rather than on each other.
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In every major city (hell, in every minor city and village) there should be a Public Hating Wall. This would simply be a very large, solidly-constructed wall about one story high, made of concrete or cinder blocks, or the equivalent. It shouldn't be too tall, because of the potential for spontaneous collapse, but it could be long, in proportion to the surrounding population. The idea behind the Public Hating Wall is that anyone who wanted could come and take their frustrations out on the wall, rather than on another person. You could write anything on it you wanted, with spray paint, for instance; you could bash it with a sledgehammer; you could even, if you wanted, drive your car straight into it. You could get together with your friends, say after a tragic sporting event, and gang up on the wall. This would all be perfectly legal--provided you kept your activities confined solely to the wall. Of course, it's better to get your frustrations out on an inanimate object than on another person. Perhaps there would be fewer riots and public disturbances if there were a handy and PUBLIC outlet for all that rage. Perhaps there would be fewer instances of domestic abuse and road rage. Anything is legal--provided you do it to THE WALL. For the conservatives, you could even justify making ordinary punishments that much more Draconian, since you've provided society with an acceptable place to put its hatred. When the wall has sustained so much abuse that it's in danger of collapse, just tear it down and build a newer, thicker one. Just think of it as your own little Berlin Wall, and treat it as you would your worst enemy. . . .
deacon, May 12 2001


       Peeve: It's wrong to take out your anger on inanimate objects. I do like the idea that for most people, it would be a long walk to the wall.
reensure, May 12 2001

       And that may become a new saying. When someone begins to get angry, you can tell them, "Hey, buddy. It's a long walk to the wall."
globaltourniquet, May 12 2001

       Practicing boxing.
StarChaser, May 13 2001

       I prefer starting fires, but this is just as good.
oobersteph, May 13 2001

       Wait, [reensure], can you explain yourself?
egnor, May 13 2001

       This would be all fine and dandy if we didn't live in such an overly politically correct society. As it is, as soon as someone writes something on the wall that a minority group takes offence to, you can almost guarantee that, draconian punishments or not, there will be some people who don't use the wall because of what is on the wall
CoolerKing, May 13 2001

       Before anyone asks, no, this cannot be done at home for most people. Drywall only takes so much abuse. Then the fiberglass insulation leaks out and gets all over you. And it itches. Then you get really ticked off.
Instead of just a wall, have a Hate Maze. More Wall for less square yardage, and it would be more fun. Maybe a separate Hate Labyrinth for people who get lost easily.
nick_n_uit, May 13 2001

       Au contraire, CoolerKing; As described above, I believe they'd be MORE likely to attack the offensive image and wipe it out.
StarChaser, May 13 2001

       I often find that getting angry at an in-animate object, merely increases your rage level. eg,
<You>F*!$%&g b#~^()?, cut me off will you!
<You>Piece of S€%@! Say something before i disect you!
And so on...

       [Talking to such a brick wall, would be like talking to a brick wall]
[ sctld ], May 13 2001

       Star: What I meant was, some extreme groups would take it out on innocent (even though there's no such thing) members of society.   

       Besides, El Tony would probably have anything even remotely politacally incorrect on the wall smashed up and broken into tiny little pieces, before burying it in one of those bunkers they use for nuclear waste.   

       At taxpayer expense.   

       Then blame it all on the Tories for not signing that dumb agreement.
CoolerKing, May 13 2001

       After we've burned at the stake all who'd sell their land for the placement of this abominable wall, we'll set upon the diviners and refiners of the graven image. AARRGH!
reensure, May 14 2001

       Can I nuke it?
st3f, May 14 2001

       In the US, if something even vaugly offensive was written on the wall, several hundred people would sue the local government for allowing it to be written there - claiming they had been emotionally scarred for life and would never be able to work/leave the house again. And get $5million each.
CasaLoco, May 14 2001

       [st3f] Only if you have a nuke small enough so that only the Wall itself, and not the surrounding neighborhood, is affected.
deacon, May 14 2001

       //Anything is legal--provided you do it to THE WALL.//   

       <dripping with sarcasm>grab person who caused you to be enraged. take him/her to the wall. bash his/her head into the wall repeatedly until you feel better.</dripping with sarcasm>   

       it this legal? technically, you're not taking out your frustrations on the person, you're just using him/her as a tool to help you take out your frustrations on the wall.   

       not that i condone that sort of violence against walls, mind you, but i can see it happening.
mihali, May 14 2001

       At last public scrawl walls - will pens and paint be supplied and who will guard it from people like me when I have too much beer?
king chay, Dec 13 2001

       Before you know it the wall is filled with anti-semetic, racist, homophobic sexist grafitti which winds certain people (visiting) up even more.   

       No-one wants the wall built near THEIR neighbourhood.   

       The scope for character assasination and character deformation is also great as people write lies about people they don't like.   

       People don't like other people ruining the grafitti they've done - so hit them.   

       People have to queue up to use it. Queue full of angry people .. someone jumps the queue -- back to a riot.   

       People use angry language while beating up the wall. Others are offended by the language. Problem.   

       Unorganised .. someone decides to ram a bulldozer into the wall in a blind anger .. and crushes the 13 year old kid who was kicking the wall cos his g/f dumped him.   

       Dangerous -- as people start smashing bottles etc. on the wall .. broken glass .. no-one clearing up the mess.   

       People falling off the wall .. hurting themselves. Sueing.   

       Taxpayers that CAN handle their anger have to pay for people that can't (in the form of having a wall built).   

       Landscape blemish.   

       Would need parking there .. so -- bigger landscape blemish.   

       Before long people are urinating on the wall .. it smells. Shooting at the wall .. deflections of bullets hitting innocents.   

       How many problems do we need? I could go on forever!
britboy, Aug 02 2004

       Go down the scrapyard with a sledgehammer - works for me!
wagster, Aug 02 2004

       <oblig>'Romanus Eunt Domus?</oblig>
gnomethang, Aug 02 2004


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