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Living Bomb

Become a living military demolitions charge.
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I issue a call to all chemists to seek the means by which a compound is made, that is biologically inert, and accumulates harmlessly inside one's body upon ingestion. This compound would also be an extremely stable military explosive. Ideally, it would bind (again, without biological interference) to many kinds of bodily tissues, ideally without visible indications of any kind. Then, large amounts of it could accumulate. Perhaps it could be made to bind to fatty tissues exclusively. The next step is to create an implantable detonator that is activated automatically upon the user's death, or through a secret voluntary signal sent by the implant's user. Who would stab you in the street, if they knew that they might be ionized in the process? The invention, if produced, would be highly valuable to many people, including businessmen, berserkers, and others.
dsm, May 30 2001

akira http://www.bbakira....racters/akirach.htm
[technobadger, May 30 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Oh darn. I thought this was about movie actors.
Dog Ed, Jun 16 2001

       You can convert your clothes into guncotton quite easily.
pottedstu, Oct 19 2001

       Is that a Phil Dick story, PS? It sounds awfully familiar.
Guy Fox, Oct 19 2001


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