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Improved Yellowpages

Think of "Froogle" or "Pricewatch" for a haircut.
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I want a website where I can put in my zip code and find the CHEAPEST services in my area. Anything you can think of would be listed. From patching a tire, to getting a dog nutured. It is like a new and improved yellow pages. I think this idea would take off if someone actually built such a web site. I would but I don't know where to get started.. any suggestions?
mlingley, Jan 24 2006


       Actually this is kind of 3/4 baked. There are some websites that you enter your ZIP code and it will tell you which gas station has it cheapest in you area, but I don't know about any other services (hence the 3/4, not fully).
PollyNo9, Jan 25 2006

       You want to be serviced, on the cheap?
bungston, Jan 25 2006

       The difference in price between things can indicate the quality of them, for example a $3 haircut isnt going to be very good.   

       I regularly search for things and find sites that list appropriate companies in the area I was looking.   

       For products, kelkoo and yahoo and many others list products by price.   

       baked Im affraid
miasere, Jan 25 2006

       It is advisable that you nurture your dog yourself, or it will likely grow up being dissociated from you.
fridge duck, Jan 25 2006

       Although this is simply a mixture of Froogle and Local Google, this does not work in practice, for the simple reason that bricks-and-mortar companies do not post all their prices on the Web, and have no real incentive to do so.
DrCurry, Jan 25 2006


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