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"How do they look" image service

Find out what your old classmates look like today, sort of.
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When reunions come around, many folks are eager to see how their old classmates look. Advance notice of the attractiveness or age-related dissolution of given individuals would help in planning reunion related events. However, many classmates do not submit current photos in advance. Whether through bashfulness, cowardliness, or hatred of their classmates, this selfish behavior serves no-one. With the "How do they look" (HDTL) image service, the power of the web can be used to find recent photos of old classmates.

First, images from the yearbook are scanned in. Then, searches using the Google Image server and similar servers are done using appropriate keywords - first names, last names, star signs, high school activities, etc.

Among images discovered, automatic image recognition analysis is used to find the one most similar to the yearbook photo, and this is then established to be the current updated phooto and labeled appropriately. No more "picture not provided" lameness - now it is a picture for everybody. Order and goodness reign!

bungston, Sep 02 2005


       "this is then established to be the current updated phooto and labeled appropriately"   

       So, is this the ACTUAL "current photo" or are we using facial recognition to just throw one in there that looks like it might be what they look like today? Because if it's the former, I'm not sure how that's possible, but if it's the latter, rock on witcha' bad self! Sorta like "we don't know what he looks like, but here's our best guess."
junglefish, Sep 02 2005

       Even if it's the best guess, it's good. This sounds like something I'd want to do when I'm older. Right now, my classmates are only beginning to get married and, we all know, after this everyone loses the shape and the hair.
Pericles, Sep 03 2005


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