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In-Situ Egg Marination

Marinate Eggs Sitting in Carton
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Using eye-dropper, deposit a single drop of vinegar on top of each egg sitting in carton. Keep carton in fridge while leaving carton lid slightly open.

After some hours, take syringe and suck up some suitable marinade (eg. soya sauce, or chili-infused soya sauce, etc). Use syringe to pierce eggshell where droplet was, and inject the marinade (don't insert syringe too deep)

I don't feel it's necessary, but perhaps a dab of some some foodstuff could be used to seal the hole to avoid air-induced accelerated spoilage of egg interior. ChatGPT suggested an improvised paste from flour+water, or else beeswax. Anybody else have alternative suggestions?

sanman, May 30 2024

Similar idea from 2008, injecting flavors through the shell https://www.backyar...-it-possible.28312/
From commnt #7 - "...for an assignment i have whereby i have to market eggs to a certain niche market. The group i am involved in suggested to market herbs and spice flavoured eggs where, example, in a carton of ten eggs, we market 5 different herb/spice flavour eggs." [a1, May 30 2024]

"You know my name, look up my number" Category_20Consulting_20Ltd_2e
[normzone, May 31 2024]


       Reason why I don't feel it's that necessary, is because the marinade would be sitting above the egg yolk in the upper pointy part of the egg, forming its own liquid barrier against the outside air.
sanman, May 30 2024

       // to seal the hole ... alternative suggestions? //   

       Duct tape. Unless they're duck eggs - then use duck tape.
a1, May 30 2024

       Actually, I just read that the air cavity inside an egg forms on the big end of the egg. In which case, in order for our marinade to sit in that gap, you'd have to have the egg sitting with the pointy end down and fat end up, to then do the injection on the fat end.   

       Hmm, this might necessitate the construction of a modified egg carton.
sanman, May 30 2024

       [-] Not a new idea.
a1, May 30 2024

       Not new to you maybe.
Dang, that's pretty inventive.

       So, why in other:general?
normzone, May 31 2024

       // not new to you //   

       Google "inject flavor through eggshell" to see how not new this is.   

       [mark-for-deletion] 1) baked, and possibly 2) recipe.
a1, May 31 2024

       //So, why in other:general?//   

       Colonel was already taken?...
I'll see myself out.


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