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pre-scored eggs

Slightly scored eggs
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To help cracking them perfectly into a pan, or splitting them for separation, it would be far easier if they were pre-scored to split exactly half way.
atomic point dexter, Apr 08 2002

Egg cracking machine http://www.specialm...sch/produkte10.html
If you think life is too short to stuff a mushroom. [reensure, Apr 08 2002]

Cubic Eggs (with a ring-pull top) http://www.eggbeaters.com
The ring-pull top is under the screw cap. [waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002]

Boiled egg and toast soldiers http://www.cosc.can...toast_soldiers.html
I can't believe this is for real. [salachair, Apr 10 2002]


       Sorely tempted to fishbone this as the author can't even spell 'eggs' correctly.   

       And you forgot the part about the dotted line....   

       <ObligatoryMisunderstanding> Scored on what scale? </ObligatoryMisunderstanding>
phoenix, Apr 08 2002

       is this something to do with cricket?
po, Apr 08 2002

       Maybe rename it 'perforated eggs'? The ultimate would be the 'pull tab' egg.
rbl, Apr 08 2002

po, Apr 08 2002

       Bug*er, sorter it now, sorry. Scored, as in pre-marked for folding or you could have a 'cut here ' line, but that would'nt work in the same way as a 'score'. A score is an indentation along a line to help folding (in paper anyway) but if a line were to be etched into the egg it would ensure a clean break.
atomic point dexter, Apr 08 2002

       Great idea point dexter .
gizmo, Apr 09 2002

       Using natural eggs, you should be able to crack 2 eggs simultaneously using one egg per hand - without spilling a drop or bit of shell a_n_d cup the halves. Sissies.
thumbwax, Apr 09 2002

       And only weedy, weaklings take them out of their shells in the first place.
DrBob, Apr 09 2002

       Thumbwax - you want to try that with the eggs my gran's chickens lay. She does the old trick of feeding the hens their own crushed egg shells in their meal, so as to harden eggs produced in future. She's been doing this for some time, and feeds them *all* the egg shells she gets, including extra ones from the supermarket. Result: you need a centre punch to crack them. No joke.
mcscotland, Apr 09 2002

       But what about when I want a boiled egg and toast soldiers for my breakfast? An egg scored half way down would be no use here. Eggs pre-scored just below the pointy end would be needed. Anything that spares the world (or at least me) from the irksome task of trying to take the top off a boiled egg deserves a croissant.
salachair, Apr 10 2002

       Definition request: "toast soldiers"
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002

       Slice of buttered toast, cut into finger-shaped pieces. Ideal for dipping into soft-boiled eggs. (British thing, obviously; I've never known why they're called 'soldiers' - I always call them 'fingers'.)
angel, Apr 10 2002

       See link for frighteningly unnecessary recipe for toast soldiers. I did a google search - seems they are so-called in loads of countries - Australia, Ireland, the US. Shucks, we're so cosmopolitan.
salachair, Apr 10 2002

       Thanks for the 'splain. "Soldier" is an interesting choice of metaphor for a strip of buttered toast.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002

       [waugs] It's because they are all lined up, ready to go into battle with the egg and they look identical. Like soldiers.
stupop, Apr 10 2002

       The RAF have scrambled egg braiding on their uniform - bloody messy eaters if you ask me.
po, Apr 10 2002

       another fine idea from the Northern Stars
po, Apr 03 2003


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