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Omelette Ready Eggs

Make an omelette without doing to much work
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The idea for this is to find a way to mix the egg yolk and the egg white without cracking the egg, something like a machine that shakes the eggs, that way the eggs could be sold as omelette ready eggs so anyone could easily make an omelette by just cracking the eggs into a pan and adding the extra ingredients, no more wasting time making the omelette mixture.
appdirect, May 04 2011

Here you go... http://activerain.c...124621550094039.jpg
[normzone, May 04 2011]

Shirred http://www.spike.co...q/the-egg-scrambler
[nomocrow, May 05 2011]

As seen on TV! http://www.amazon.c...mbler/dp/B000059GED
Yeah, I can remember back when [nomocrow] was a kid [lurch, May 05 2011]

recipe on egg http://boingboing.n...-recipe-printe.html
[jaksplat, May 05 2011]


       The solution to this problem is dancing chickens.
normzone, May 04 2011

       Something like a high power ultrasonic cleaner.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 04 2011

       I was actually considering this last time I made an om-nom-nom-nom-lette. I was thinking of some sort of magnetic stirrer bar - can a magnet be fed to a chicken and it ends up inside the egg somehow? A sure way to achieve it would be through IVMI - just like IVF, but 'magnet insertation' rather than 'fertilisation'. Perhaps the eggs could be hijacked by the stirrer bars inserted into chickens covered in whatever chemicals are found on a cockrel's sperm that allow access to within the egg.   

       Of course these stirrers would probably be far smaller than those normally in use, so I propose a 3D stirring gadget in an egg-box shape. Each egg hole has a lot of elecromagnets right round it and these are randomly switched on and off to really get that stirrer moving. Hopefully it would have a small enough mass not to crack the shell.   

       Even if the stirrer could not be put in before the egg is laid, the stirrer described above could have a small drill on the top (with a hoover to remove shell-dust) and it could then drop in a stirring bar. The hole is then plugged by a rubber seal and the device used as mentioned.   

       The bars are removed from the stirred egg by a strong magnet held next to the shell as it is cracked.
TomP, May 04 2011

       are we really this lazy?
po, May 04 2011

       [normzone], that comment made me spit my Dr. Pepper. Too funny, too funny.
blissmiss, May 04 2011

       Unless there is a marked difference in density between the yolk and the white, I don't think shaking will achieve much.
High-speed spinning, on the other hand, will create an acceleration gradient through the egg, smooshing the contents (both yolk and white) against the shell (which will need to be externally contained), destroying their coherency. A few reversals of rotation should stir things up nicely (maybe change axis too - the assymetry of the egg would help as well).
Although, mixing the contents may be detrimental to shelf-life.
neutrinos_shadow, May 05 2011

       [blissmiss], we once repaired a military computer that came to our customer service folks with some problems. When we opened it, it was evident that someone had spilled a soft drink into it.   

       They were filling out the service report, and mentioned the apparent soft drink damage, but I felt that was not good enough. I licked my finger, swiped the gummy residue, and offered my finding.   

       The report read "Computer damaged by Dr. Pepper spilled inside unit".   

       It being an uncommon enough drink, I imagine somebody got chastised.
normzone, May 05 2011

       // a machine that shakes the eggs, that way the eggs could be sold as omelette ready eggs //   

       Baked. It's called the Tupolev TU-154.
8th of 7, May 05 2011

       It would be pretty easy to do this by drilling a pinhole in one end of the egg, inserting a pin which moves from side to side at high speed to homogenise the egg contents, and then withdraw the pin and then apply a dab of glue to the pinhole.
hippo, May 05 2011

       The "Inside the eggshell egg scrambler" was an actual product when I was a kid.
nomocrow, May 05 2011

       Anyway, an omelette *mixture* usually contains milk, so let me see you get a cow into the eggshell!
xandram, May 05 2011

       Uh, we would need a whole 'nother invention for that, now wouldn't we?
blissmiss, May 05 2011

       Nice one [nomocrow]   

       Okay this is a pet peeve of mine, pedant though I am not. 'to' is a preposition. 'too' is an adverb. You want the adverb form here.
RayfordSteele, May 05 2011

       Thanks, [2]. I noticed that the ITESES used a slightly bent needle, and I noticed today that the dentist used a bendable needle for the jaw-numbing agent that he ( a really, really patient and competent guy) used. Maybe the ingredients for an omelet could be injected in the process, [blisssmiss (taking advantage of the natural cavity between the albumen and the shell)]?
nomocrow, May 05 2011

       Perhaps he means, doing work to only a little?
pocmloc, May 06 2011

       From memory, the record for the Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge is about 20 seconds or so, from egg to omelette, so there really isn't much time to be saved by having 'omelette ready' eggs - not that that really matters on the 'bakery. Anyway, you haven't really described an invention or idea for doing this, you've just said that it would be a nice thing if omelette-ready eggs existed. So, perhaps controversially, I'm going to tag this as [marked-for-deletion] no idea (but I'll remove it in the face of a howling lynchmob).
DrBob, May 06 2011


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