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In-Tow Indicator

"I'm following him; thank you for not cutting in"
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Not sure exactly how this would work (the argon/water vapor gun + magnifier Tesla coil springs to mind), but there should be some clear, visible way to tell when two or more people on a road are intent upon staying directly one behind the other, regardless of trailing/leading buffers. Funeral processions are the only instance I know of where it is obvious; the public servant escort and extremely long, slow procession of dark cars make it so. What we need is a layman's way of indicating to other drivers to please not cut in between (any of) us, as we are a caravan and being broken up might just be disastrous. (anyone ever lose one of your entourage on an interstate? it's not pretty)
absterge, Mar 20 2001

Bill Beaty's mind, naturally. http://www.eskimo.c...rg/ideas.html#three
<off topic> am I correct in assuming that BillB must be something of a celebrity around here? [absterge, Mar 20 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       CBs for everyone!!! <someone else can make this an idea>
pnewp, Mar 20 2001

       Having spent a thoroughly unreasonable amount of time trying to herd convoys of inept cricketers around the country lanes of southern England (in an always vain attempt to get to the game on time), I can tell you that the solution to this problem is one that I baked myself. The answer? Give up and let someone else do the organising.
DrBob, Mar 20 2001

       CBs indeed, or the increasingly popular little walkie-talkies (does anyone use that term anymore) so you don't have to listen to truckers. Cell phones might help if you aren't out of your zone.
centauri, Mar 20 2001

       There is the ever popular redneck (ala Jeff Foxworthy) towtruck...a rope tied around the back bumper of the lead car and the front bumper of the following car. In some states I think that legally makes them one vehicle:-).
Brendan, Mar 20 2001


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