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Motorway Incident Alert

put the super dooper height of lorries to good use.
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when a lorry drives past the scene of an accident (on the other side of the road) he starts a timer that displays on the top of the lorry (via big LED display or something similar) the distance to the accident - some manner of rolling display in metres/km. Therefore people travelling in the other direction know:

a) there is an accident coming up b) how far away it is c) people already in any traffic jam find out how far away they are from the incident and whether its worth getting off that road.

also when he gets to the end of a jam he presses the button again and a second timer starts, ie 3km to 7km traffic jam (get off this road now).

this would be far more efficient than radio updates i reckon as its very real time. also the displays could be sponsored and paid for by AA/RAC type companies.


roy of royworld, Oct 25 2005


       Hm. I think the general idea of putting road signs on trucks is interesting.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       its not a static sign though - that would just be silly.
roy of royworld, Oct 25 2005

       Yeah, got that. I was thinking you might extend it further, with addressible signs, or ones that picked up local information.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       Totally doable idea! Nice +
phundug, Oct 25 2005

       “Accident 2km ahead on THIS side, rubberneckers.” +
Shz, Oct 25 2005


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