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Intercar Crossbow

Send a message at speed!
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Ever see a guy driving the coolest car and you want to tell him so, or the most stunning girl you've ever seen and want to give her your number? We all have but when your traveling on the interstate how do you send the message.

The Intercar Crossbow allows you to fire small rubber suction cup tipped darts that will stick to the car in question so that the driver of that car can get your message when they get where they are going.

Darts come in preprinted versions or blank, write your own. Then just slide the selected dart into the cross bow, aim and shoot!

Message delivered at 50 mph.

jhomrighaus, Jun 01 2007

Pirates_20of_20the_20Carbon_20Credits [pertinax, Jun 01 2007]

Along these lines for the bow. http://www.tbotech....pistol-crossbow.htm
[jhomrighaus, Jun 01 2007]

Citizens' Band radio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cb_radio
This is one way to send the message, but they'd have to have one also. [BJS, Jun 03 2007]


       Launching a high-speed projectile (dart) from a high-speed projectile (car) would be difficult to get accurate, and possibly illegal in many places (not that that's stopped us before...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 01 2007

       In heavy traffic, [neutrinos_shadow], when you are more likely to have time to notice cool cars or hot women, the relative velocity of the cars is not that great.   

       However, [jhomrighaus], please ensure that your 50mph dart doesn't hit me as I wobble past on my bicycle.
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       I'm voting [+] purely for the potential of cyclist targeting.
hidden truths, Jun 01 2007

       <scowls darkly, ponders half-baked retaliation against [hidden_truths]' car>
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       [pertinax] I would think that I might actually attempt to stick one on your forehead reading "What on earth are you doing riding a bicycle on the interstate?????"
jhomrighaus, Jun 01 2007

       //What on earth are you doing//   

       I took a wrong turning while trying to dodge [Lights]' piratical paintballs (see link).
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       Good lord 21 we're not talking about full battle crossbows here we are talking about a pistol type crossbow that is very easy to set. The object is to stick a message on another car not drive it through the engine block. If you can tune the radio or talk on the telephone you can use 2 hands to cock the bow and drop int he dart.   

       As to the speed limit where do you live that the Speed limit is 75. NY maximum is 65 and in most places its still 55 or less.
jhomrighaus, Jun 01 2007

       //It must be cocked after each shot, which requires impressive strength//   

       Might this be a use for those winches found in some SUVs?
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       Welcome to the Halfbakery!   

       Otherwise Id be selling them at Walmart right now.
jhomrighaus, Jun 01 2007


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