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Save time and eventual 'I told you so's'
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Scan each potential friend or partner via this App, which quietly processes known information such as laughter/frown lines, state of fingernails, cigarette, cream bun or shotglass waving around, general dress sense etc. After a brief calculation, it projects the scannee in 10/20/30 years' time. Then it's your call.
Phrontistery, Jul 22 2012


       For gawdsake, just don't point the thing backwards. Thats just depressing.
AusCan531, Jul 22 2012

       I will devise a device that hacks into your Extr-App-O-Later, which I will call the Extr-App-O-Better. Then you will Extr-App-O-Late me as I wish.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 22 2012


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