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Indoor Moby Dick set

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Coming soon from NMR Corp!

Your own indoor Moby Dick set!!

In the privacy of your own home!!!

One goldfish bowl with not much water in it, a goldfish with a bit of iron strapped on and a miniature whaler (controlled by wifi)*.

When you've sighted the goldfish, simply chase it until you get a clean shot and fire the magnetic harpoon...

Comes with simulated wood thing that looks like a wooden lower leg, and a complimentary Starbuck(s) voucher.

*Optional electric fan with spray bottle of saline solution for more accurately simulated whaling conditions**.

**Optional weevil ridden biscuits, lashings and other stuff, if you really, really wanted it that authentic.

not_morrison_rm, Dec 28 2013


       This is pathetic … cheap, tacky, nowhere near as good as the illustration in the magazine or the picture on the box, purchaser doomed to disappointment.   

       [+] We like muchly.
8th of 7, Dec 28 2013

       The bowl needs to be mounted in some kind of base that will tip and twirl to simulate ocean waves. Otherwise it will be too easy to spear the little fish.
xandram, Dec 29 2013


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