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Monopoly with better punishments
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Monopoly has rewards and punishments, but they are all purely centred on the acquisition or loss of capital.

Moanopoly adds an extra feature to the game in the form of physical punishments that supplement the financial loss and gain process. For example: landing on Mayfair, (with a Mosque built on it) will still require a fine/rent to be paid, but in addition the player must submit a finger to painfully spring a mouse-trap. (hence the moaning name change)

Game miscreants can escape the physical punishments by negotiating a higher fine, but if they do that, their money may soon become used up and borrowing more will naturally require submission to more penalties.

All other aspects of the game function normally, but the community chest cards etc now include some corporal forfeits.

xenzag, Sep 14 2017


       I'm stuck trying to work out whether you feel that Monopoly is just plain too much fun, or you don't think it's torturous enough.   

       Hanlon's razor suggests the former.
Loris, Sep 14 2017

       //tortuous// Sp.: torturous (or potentially tortoise; but I think you meant torturous).
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2017

       What?! Of course [Loris] meant 'Tortoise'!! Surely you see that Monopoly is a microcosm of the real world, and do you mean to say that you do not actualise this metaphor by playing monopoly with the board balanced on the back of a giant tortoise (as the world is depicted in Hindu mythology, and Terry Pratchett stories)???!
hippo, Sep 15 2017


       Playing monopoly might be better if there were tortoises involved, but to be fair almost any changes which don't involve torture, genocide or a longer play duration would probably be an improvement.
Loris, Sep 15 2017

       Well I like it. +
blissmiss, Sep 19 2017


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