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Micro Foosball

once inch foosball table
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Micro Foosball is identical to the full sized game, except everything fits into a tiny metal container with a glass top that's the size of a matchbox.

The ball is no bigger than a ball-bearing with matching tiny players being 3D printed in great detail.

To play the game requires inserting the Micro game into the centre of a full sized table, where it gets connected to a set of gears that permit the two players to engage in the same set of movements required to knock the ball around.

A magnetic base dampens the trajectory of the ball to achieve even more realism.

Note - extra strong magnifying glasses are required to play Micro Foosball and protective headware is recommended.

xenzag, Mar 05 2021

A ball bearing https://www.google....1AsAQMygAegUIARD4AQ
[Skewed, Mar 07 2021]


       The micro table isn't gimbled 'in' the foosball , is it? Because a secondary or finer control system of the ball by other means might open possibilities for such a fast game.   

       Or the opposite of this idea, the table is in the centre of a gymnasium sized table where players also have to duck the giant foosball of their own plays.
wjt, Mar 05 2021

       That would be Macro Foosball and could be good as another idea where people have to run around to avoid being kicked by giant metal footballers operated remotely. At this point I imagine 8th fully approving. I "weaponised" many ideas just to make him happy.
xenzag, Mar 07 2021

       //The ball is no bigger than a ball-bearing//   


       I found this one [linky]   

       It doesn't leave a lot of room for the players though.   

       And there's not a lot of the matchbox left either.   

       It sort of burst when I forced it in.
Skewed, Mar 07 2021

       //The ball is no bigger than a ball-bearing//   

       A ball-bearing 2 metres in diameter - but still no bigger than that.
AusCan531, Mar 08 2021

       [A ball-bearing 2 metres in diameter] Something to bring to the beach painted in beachball colours and simply leave there.
xenzag, Mar 08 2021

       Macro Foosball would be like 'The Prisoner' beach scenes
hippo, Mar 08 2021

       //Something to bring to the beach painted in beachball colours//   

       No, that's much too big.   

       No one's going to swing a foot at a 2 meter beach ball, they might try pushing it but that's not going to result in the same comedic value is it   

       The recommendation in our copy of the big book of pranks (3rd edition, 2nd printing) is for no more than a 2 foot diameter for ball bearing beachballs.
Skewed, Mar 08 2021

       I forgot to include that it's strongly magnetic with a warning notice that reads: "If you are close enough to read this sign, your phone is now wiped, as are all of your credit cards and if you have a heart pacemaker, that bright light you now see means you are dead."
xenzag, Mar 08 2021

       Won't forget the officer from infantry who tought us how to charge. It was very impressive watching him jump down, shoot to precision, spring back up to his feet, swiftly dodging this way and that, and doing summersalts, changing magazines and always with his gun on target. Ended kicking the target's base which we had erroneously filled with rocks.   

       He then limped around for a week.
pashute, Mar 08 2021

       I would have thought rushing towards the enemy as fast as you can with no regard for personal safety while firing at any plausible target that presents itself was a reasonably self explanatory act that needed no more instruction than maybe a few words of advice (like "don't run in a straight line, makes it too easy for them to shoot you, zig & zag a bit'").   

       A bit of practice maybe if you've not done it much before, but actual tuition?
Skewed, Mar 08 2021


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