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Lung Brush

Clean tar clogged lungs easily
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After years of smoking the lungs tend to get clogged up with tar. What is needed (apart from a lung transplant) is a special lung brush that could be used by the smoker to clean out his/her lungs every few years. Quite simply, the brush would consist of millions of microscopic hairs attached to a long flexible plastic stick. Once inside the lungs, the brush could be moved left-to-right and up and down in order to dislodge as much tar as possible. Tar from the lungs would stick to the brush and once the brush is removed hey presto, nice clean lungs!
ccaamgw, Jul 06 2000

Perflubron (LiquiVent®) http://www.allp.com/LiquiVent/LV_SUMM.HTM
Wash your lungs out with this. [egnor, Jul 06 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sounds painful.
turboflier, Jul 07 2000

       No pain, no gain.   

       Perhaps hooking yourself up to a blood oxygenator, and then *washing* your lungs out would work better?
Lemon, Jul 07 2000

       If there's colon irrigation why not do the same for lungs?
Toss, Jul 07 2000

       Saturday Night Live had this one a few years ago. They actually showed Chris Farley "using" it.
Willow, Jul 07 2000

       I've read about fluid that's so inert that it could be oxygenated, then dogs can be immersed in it and breathe. Maybe such a fluid could be improved with a tar solvent, then the only problem would be the panic instinctively created by breathing a liquid.
pitch, Jul 08 2000

       Toss: Because you don't breathe through your butt. <grin...although some people seem to TALK through it...>   

       Oxygenated fluorcarbon. Like the movie 'The Abyss'. It isn't ready for humans yet, as far as I know, but I've seen the demonstration they did in the movie done live on a science show. Beaker of fluid, bubbling with oxygen, rat held under the surface, breathing. He wasn't happy about it, but it worked. <Hmm. Can't find 'oxygenated fluorocarbon' anywhere but 'The Abyss'. I guess I'm wrong about the name of the fluid, but it does exist.   

       Would greatly weird me out, though...
StarChaser, Jul 08 2000

       Um, read the link I added a while ago...   

       Yes, it exists, and yes, this is the liquid you can immserse dogs in, yes, this is the liquid that inspired "oxygenated fluorocarbon" in The Abyss, and it is used regularly for humans (mostly for severe lung illness; it's way too dangerous to use recreationally, and not very much fun).
egnor, Jul 08 2000, last modified Jul 10 2000

       I read it. Was responding to 'Pitch' on something related, but different.
StarChaser, Jul 08 2000

       Hey, pitch, is there any footage of those dogs immersed in fluid? Sounds the business. Do they fetch tench? Must get my bitch a tank... would make a fantastic new feature in my lounge - "you seen my immersed dog?"
kimble, Jul 10 2000

       I remember seeing a show on either Discovery or the Learning Channel in which they immersed a baby with weak lungs in the oxygenated liquid while they performed some sort of surgery. It saved her life.
FakeGreenDress, Jul 10 2000

       Perhaps Damien Hirst could re-make his 'Away from the Flock' with a live sheep in the tank breathing this oxygenated liquid.
Toss, Jul 12 2000

       so thanks to perflubron (DO check their link) we can support our lungs without air needed...righty, while we're at that, let's not forget the breathback underwaterbackpack cause i seriousely wanna cross the atlantic, guys! you simply fill some diving bottles with that liquid and let that filter and refresh system do the rest-liquid breathing forever - anywhere
spock, Jul 12 2000

       Inhaling solvents is a bad idea. I can accept the idea of breathing oxygenated liquids, but I'm willing to bet that anything that can break up tar deposits is going to do a number on your lung tissue as well.
baf, Nov 19 2000

       I was going to say the same thing as turboflier also look at my article called smoking ( I don't think up original names do I).
tduff, Jan 04 2001

       Somehow I can't get out of my mind this picture of a little chimneysweep with top hat using his brush while standing on someones nose.
yunohu, Jun 30 2001

       Maybe in a few years we'll just go to Sears and buy replacement lungs the way we now buy vacuum cleaner bags.
mrthingy, Aug 03 2001

       I know they are working on a machine that will inject a tube into your main artry and oxengate the blood for you   

       so you can do things to the lungs however curretnly test subjects can only use it for a few hours.
crash893, Oct 03 2003

       The last I knew, avioli were quite fragile, and could be punctured by simply breathing in carbon fiber particles.
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2003

       like "a sheep out on the foam" (John Lee Hooker)
Zimmy, Oct 04 2003

       The oxygen destroyer is what kills Godzilla
jellyroll, Dec 12 2003

       It's such a great idea that SNL did a skit about it in the early 80's!!
digihippy, Jan 03 2004

       It could also be used to remove pesky lung butter.
Antegrity, Nov 30 2005


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