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Web-enabled remittance of your guilt and punishment
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As a Godless heathen, nominally within the Church of England, it is with some surprise that I found myself in a conversation with a colleague about how one can go about acquiring an indulgence (removing the need to suffer the punishments allotted for committing sins). And so an idea was born.

Our web site will, for a small fee and a click of the mouse, allow miserable sinners to secure a full or partial indulgence from the punishments they must suffer for all of their venial wrongdoings.

I imagine the site administrator would probably need to be a priest or better. Perhaps, also, you could auction your punishment to other users. For the site, I envisge forums where visitors can discuss the latest sins and hot, new punishments, a famous sinners section, and perhaps you could earn "redemption points" for frequent use.

Click here and let indulgence.com take you to Heaven.

Checkers, Mar 10 2006


       Several sites already exist for confessions and the like. But if you can confess your sins for free, why would someone pay to be indulged?   

       (The Church of England never indulged in indulgences, and I thought the Roman Catholics had given up on them, so you've not really got anything to sell anyway, unless maybe the Muslims allow you to buy your way out of a stoning.)
DrCurry, Mar 10 2006

       What about indulgences from the past? Famous ones that could be relived. Set up the site like eBay and see if there's a real market out there. bobz
bobzaguy, Mar 10 2006


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