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Human humanoid

We are androids
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I'm sure his has been done, but I couldn't find it ..

The Human android

Artificial life research seems unlikely to produce fully human level machines in a neat human packages c.f. the androids of fiction. Personally, i still think the brain is going to be a sticking point. Evolution worked over millions of years in all departments at once. Our foresighted designers can't do that. Top down, we get a lot of itty bitty robots that can do just do a few things ( albeit better than humans.) Or bottom up- if artificial evolution really comes off, we get something unforeseen. Maybe a new terrestrial alien intelligence that wants to flourish - at our expense. Not our new best friend/the lovebot we want. At best - more unhappy slaves to be oppressed. This is my limited understanding of the science - I stand to be corrected.

Meanwhile all the hardwork has already been done by nature + religion. The android = andros eidos = likeness of a man = man

Historical precursors: Obedient monks of Scetis Assassins of Alamut ( see the one who instantly jumped off battlements when ordered) Volunteers of the 'human waves attacks' clearing minefields in Iran- Iraq war

The holy route offers a path to happy 'slaves', bound for heaven, if they obey their simple commandments.

1Thou shalt obey 2Thou shalt protect thyself unless.. ( ok bollocks to other laws - too complicated- sorry Issac )

Cloned of course only from people with proven track-record of strict religiosity. Like St Simeon Stylite ( lived on a platform on top on of a 50 foot column in Syrian desert for 37 years. Yes, he's the man for us. Surely a bit of his DNA is kicking around somewhere? Maybe in a bone reliquary in the Vatican. Otherwise: scan for the "God gene" + right dose of obsessive compulsive disorder ..

DDRopDeadly, Apr 11 2017

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ala [krelnik] [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 12 2017]


       It occurs to me that Certain spoil-sports, not believing the new androids are happy to serve, (in fact much happier than the general atheist population ) - or out of sour grapes - will try to scupper the whole arrangement by saying repeatedly " you know there's No God right? And you have No Soul. And after you die, No Heaven. " But this can be dealt with quite simply in the mythology of our little cult. E.g. " and it shall be sayeth that the name of thine godeth be called No God, and your soul is called No Soul, and heaven we shalt in our divine wisdom be called No Heaven " they nod in happy agreement
DDRopDeadly, Apr 11 2017

       // Maybe a new terrestrial alien intelligence that wants to flourish - at our expense. Not our new best friend/the lovebot we want. //   

       You should give it a try - Assimilation isn't that bad, you know...   

       // At best - more unhappy slaves to be oppressed. //   

       And the downside is ... ?   

       // This is my limited understanding of the science - I stand to be corrected. //   

       As in, "Strict Schoolmistress disciplines naughty children with cane" ? That usually costs extra.
8th of 7, Apr 11 2017

       Well, at least it's not in other: general   

       The help file is over there on the left, under "meta"
normzone, Apr 11 2017

       Wrong classification: This is about halfbakery privates, not the generals.
popbottle, Apr 12 2017

       Sorry.. I read the help, still a bit confused about categories. How do you know which one?? Now I've put it under other: religion...maybe better? it's like when I Thought I was playing netball at school but it was really football, turned out they both have nets
DDRopDeadly, Apr 12 2017

       //still a bit confused about categories. How do you know which one??//   

       I usually search for ideas close to the one I want to post and see what categories other people have chosen or there is always this [link] to refer to.   

       Ok thanks 2 fries
DDRopDeadly, Apr 12 2017

       Don't thank him, he'll just get insufferably smug again.
8th of 7, Apr 12 2017

       I am struggling to identify the idea here. Is it "clone up a batch of slaves?" "Avoid disgruntlement among the lovebots?" Someone summarize please.
bungston, Apr 12 2017

       The basic idea : some devout people should be indoctrinated from birth to follow a religion whose main commandment is "obey people". John Sladek did it already (kind of): he said Asimov's three laws might be just a religion for robots - three commandments
DDRopDeadly, Apr 12 2017

       Baked by Jim Jones et al?
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2017

       //Jim Jones// - didn't he just get most of his disciples to kill themselves with poisoned Kool -Aid? That's no way to treat a valuable resource. I think it was a direct order too so asimov's third wouldn't have saved them..
DDRopDeadly, Apr 12 2017

       This is totally against nature's sexy system to randomly find a whole lot of solutions to future problems.
wjt, Apr 13 2017

       Can't answer those points bigsleep and wtj cos I didn't really understand. if you're saying work is good for people bigsleep I agree. But progress has a way of happening: success in science and tech = scientists feel good, get paid, get laid = invent stuff = progress= lots of people lose their jobs to machines. At least human humanoids ARE people, purpose-driven - likely to be fulfilled & happy.(also filled with good religious delusions) As for the rest of the (free) world, Jobs are already going. Maybe we'll start having fake jobs, fake offices where you do pointless filing and stuff to give you the benefits of work like coffee and a chat/ get away from the spouse and kids. we already have fake boats called rowing machines and bikes stuck in gyms. Remember there'll be a veneer of VR fanatasy over it all which will help the illusion ..
DDRopDeadly, Apr 13 2017

       I don't understand wtj..
DDRopDeadly, Apr 13 2017

       Why design a group with one trait? Knocking out a one traited group is easy but knocking a mass of random trait starters is next to impossible That's how nature designed us.   

       Some maybe Human humanoids, some maybe human humans, some maybe human aliens, some maybe Human waterbears ...and some just tardy... ·
wjt, Apr 20 2017

       yes agree wtj it's a big drawback of clones if they all succumb to the same infection.. may put the kibosh on this one. Wish that was the premise for Star Wars ' attack of the clones'
DDRopDeadly, Apr 26 2017

       Nobody understands wjt. But you'll get used to him.   

       As far as fake jobs go, we already have a great many of those. Insurance middle-men, advertisers, "internet researchers," Breitbart bloggers, SNL writers, pyramid scheme middle layers, the Trump Administration...
RayfordSteele, Apr 26 2017


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