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Infant Chain-Gang

Essential for parents with more than one toddler
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Looking after one toddler is difficult enough. They seem to have this innate ability to run towards the most dangerous thing in the vicinity or generally get under your feet. The problem is compounded significantly when you have more than one of the little blighters.

You can already buy leashes for children, and I think they're available for two children, but the leashes would allow them to become tangled and/or run in opposite directions. This would be a bad thing.

Why not put your mobile offspring in manacles and chain them together? I know this sounds barbaric, but the manacles could have a soft lining and have comforting pictures of teddy-bears and beach balls on them. This would offer them (relative) freedom to walk, but would keep them together.

Without the level of intelligence required to separate themselves (like that film with Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier where they are prisoners and escape from a train), your little ones would be kept safely restrained and easy to control.

rodti, Aug 06 2003


       I'm a multi-kid expert myself, thus the idea! You're quite right about daycare kids, but they _tend_ to be a little older. It's the 18-month to 3-year-old kids that are the worst - they wouldn't even dream of holding hands when there's lovely traffic to run off and play with.
rodti, Aug 06 2003

       "The Defiant Ones." Yeah, that was good.   

       How about product: immobility?
snarfyguy, Aug 06 2003

       Sounds like a recipe for in-fighting. They are going to be constantly pulling at each others legs.
chud, Aug 06 2003

       Awesome. BabyWars.
DeathNinja, Aug 06 2003

       Can these children be hired to clear this lot across the street?
tfangio, Aug 06 2003

       Cyanoacrillate ?
8th of 7, Aug 07 2003

       What I've seen in use is a 'chain' with maybe ten rings connected like so: O-O-O-O-O for the children to hold on to. I myself never like the idea of tethering baby to a lamppost while mommy goes to buy a pack of cigs, but my not using it doesn't make an idea bad. (+)
motive power, Aug 07 2003

       Do you know what kind of psychological impact of frustration all these products already leave in a child?   

       I don't, but I've read that the first 6 years shape the person's attitudes.
Pericles, Aug 11 2003

       I tend to agree with [Pericles]. Young children may very well be hard to control. Is this invention really necessary? Surely there are over ways around this problem. Why not use a shock collar with range activation?
silverstormer, Aug 11 2003

       Works great on the doberman, right stormy?
absterge, Aug 03 2004


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